Nothing changes your smile as much as losing teeth. Missing teeth leave unattractive gaps that make you reluctant to smile freely. They can also make it tough to eat certain foods or even to speak clearly. Plus, your other teeth can shift out of place. This can cause a misaligned bite and other dental problems. Let us replace teeth with implants – to improve your smile and your quality of life! 

The experienced implant dentists at Downtown Dental Group will help you find the right dental implants for your situation during a FREE consultation. To schedule one, call us today at 808-797-3680.

We can use:

  • An Implant With a Crown – To replace a single tooth, we can attach a durable dental crown to an implant. Without an implant crown, you’d need a dental bridge to replace your tooth. To place a conventional bridge, we’d have to modify the healthy teeth surrounding the missing one. 
  • An Implant-Supported Bridge – Unlike a conventional bridge, our dentists won’t need to touch the healthy teeth near your missing teeth to place an implant-supported bridge. Plus, unlike the conventional bridge, implants keep you from losing bone mass in your jaw. When you lose bone, it makes you look older before your time. 
  • Implant Dentures – You can choose from two kinds of implant dentures, one which you can remove yourself for cleaning and one which stays firmly in place unless removed by a dentist. Like an implant bridge, your jaw will stay healthy and strong with implant dentures. Plus, you’ll never need adhesive again!
  • Mini Dental Implants – These dental implants work well for folks who lack the bone density in their jaw to support full-size implants. We may even be able to use them to secure your existing dentures. 
  • All-on-4 or All-on-6 Implants – Our dentists use these innovative techniques to support a complete arch of replacement teeth using just a few dental implants. It’s often possible to receive your implants and new teeth in a single day. Plus, it’s usually the most cost effective way to replace most of your teeth with implants. 

No matter which kind of implants you receive, you’ll have the option of receiving soothing dental sedation to stay completely relaxed throughout your procedure.

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