It’s easy to see that you’re missing a tooth. The dark gap in your smile is hard to hide. You can even have trouble chewing or talking normally. But a lost tooth is worse than all that. It can lead to bite problems, crooked teeth, and more.

That’s why you need to call our Honolulu, HI dental office today at 808-797-3680. Our Honolulu dentists are trained to replace missing teeth with dental implants, a modern and durable replacement that gives you back your smile.

Dental Implants Replace Lost Teeth

What is a dental implant? It’s the closest you can get to regrowing a lost tooth. Your dental implant comes with three parts:

  • 1. The replacement tooth: This will look, feel, and act like one of your natural teeth. It’s shaped to match the one that went missing.
  • 2. The artificial root: Since your natural teeth have roots that extend into your jawbone, your replacement includes an artificial root. Our Honolulu dentist will surgically place these in your jawbone.
  • 3. The abutment: This small piece connects your replacement tooth to the artificial root. This way, you can replace the tooth if it gets damaged without removing the root.

Our Honolulu dentists have done many dental implant procedures over the years. It starts with oral surgery to place the root in your jawbone. Then you wait a little until the site is healed. Finally, you come back in and get the replacement tooth and abutment connected to the root. There, your smile is back!

Dental Implants Are An Accident

Believe it or not, dental implants have been around for hundreds of years. There’s evidence that the Mayans used crystals and shells as primitive dental implants. However, there was a major problem: They shouldn’t stay in the mouth. Whatever they used to replace teeth, it could never be held by the jawbone.

Thankfully, one scientist made a lucky find. He was researching how bones worked. In a lab animal, he carefully inserted several small titanium rods in a leg bone. After collecting some data, he went to remove them — only to discover the titanium had fused with the bone over time.

Dentists soon learned of this lucky find, and they realized the potential. Soon, artificial roots were made from titanium, and modern dental implants were born. Today, your titanium root will fuse with your jawbone just like a natural root. This gives your dental implant the same strength and stability as the other teeth.

How Dental Implants Improve Your Life

Of course, dental implants improve your smile. They fill in that dark gap with a natural-looking replacement tooth. But dental implants can also help in other parts of your life.


It’s hard to chew with strength when you’re missing a tooth. You probably feel that when something pushes hard against the exposed gums in the gap. And depending on which tooth was lost, you could even have some trouble pronouncing words clearly.

Thankfully, you can call our Honolulu dentists at 808-797-3680 and make an appointment for a dental implant. Getting the gap filled will let you chew and talk like you used to.


Normally, pressure travels down your teeth’s roots when you chew. This stimulated the bone tissue there, keeping it healthy. But when you’ve lost a tooth, you’ve also lost that stimulation. Your jawbone will start to grow weak and deteriorate under that gap.

By calling A Downtown Dental Group today, you can protect your jawbone with a dental implant. The artificial root allows pressure to stimulate the jawbone again, keeping it healthier and stronger.


First impressions are very important. You know that. But when you have an empty spot in your smile, you can worry about that first impression. This tends to make your confidence and self-esteem lower.

That’s why you need to call our Honolulu dentists for a dental implant. One you have that natural-looking replacement tooth firmly in that gap, your smile looks great again. That means you can feel much more confidence, especially when meeting people for the first time.

Call us TODAY at 808-797-3680 or use our convenient online form to schedule your next appointment. Dental implants last 20 years or longer, depending on how well you take care of your teeth. Even better, it gives your smile back.