Fastbraces Can Get You To The Finish Faster

You will never hear anyone say, “I don’t want to take my braces off. I wish I could wear them even longer.”

If anything, the day a patient’s braces come off is a day to celebrate. The first reason is because their teeth are straight. The second reason is because their treatment is over.

Anyone who has worn braces can tell you, it’s not what they would consider a comfortable experience.

If you could do something to make braces a little easier to handle, what you would do? Would you make braces that work in less time? Would you may braces that are less uncomfortable to wear?

If you would do both of those things, then you should make an appointment with one of our dentists at the Downtown Dental Group in Honolulu. This is great opportunity to learn more about Fastbraces® for yourself or for your son or daughter.

What To Expect With Traditional Braces

Traditional braces can fix a lot of alignment issues. That’s why that are still used and probably will continue to be used for years to come.

The treatment begins when square or rectangular brackets are bonded to the patient’s teeth. Once they are in place, the dentist or orthodontist will run an archwire between his or her brackets. The brackets and wires work together to push and pull his or her teeth in the directions they need to go.

Small rubber bands (elastics) may be attached to the braces to assist with this process at different times.

When someone gets braces, his or she will definitely feel it for a few days. To keep the patient’s teeth moving, he or she will need to return to the dentist or orthodontist regularly for adjustments. The patient will feel those adjustments, too.

Throughout this treatment, the patient is supposed to avoid certain foods. Crunchy, sticky, and chewy things all can cause the brackets to come loose or the wires to bend or break.

A typical treatment with braces takes about two years to complete, although some patients need them for longer.

With traditional braces, teeth are moved in stages. Braces move the crowns of each patient’s teeth during the first stage, which takes about a year on average. In the second stage, braces move the roots. The stage also takes about a year.

The end result is straight teeth a beautiful smile.

Getting To The Finish Line Faster

Wearing braces is kind of like running a marathon. You know it’s going to take time and effort, but getting to the finish is its own reward.

Millions of people run marathons every year. According to Running USA, the average marathon runner will finish in more than four hours and 20 minutes. Compare that with the time of this year’s Olympic marathon gold medalist, Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya, who finished that distance in 2 hours, eight minutes, 44 seconds.

Another way to put it is he did the same amount of work in about half the time of the average runner.

Now imagine if he had finished the race in one hour, four minutes. That’s would a better comparison for how much faster Fastbraces can be compared to traditional braces.

Most Fastbraces patients can complete their orthodontic treatment in six months or less. Some have been finished in as little as 20 weeks.

How is this possible? It is because of the unique triangular brackets used with Fastbraces.

The shape of the brackets helps in two ways. First, it changes how your teeth move. Fastbraces do not move your teeth in stages. Instead, Fastbraces move your crowns and your roots at the same time.

The second thing that happens with the triangular brackets is the greater distances of the wire between brackets. This increases the flexibility of the wire, which affects the movement of the as well.

Those may seem like small changes, but the results speak for themselves. Fastbraces can do the same work in significantly less time than traditional braces.

Which Is The Right Option For You?

Fastbraces are just one of the orthodontic options available at Downtown Dental Group. To find out if you are a good candidate for Fastbraces or to compare it with our other treatments, we would encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists.

Dr. Wilfred Miyasaki and his son, Dr. David Miyasaki, want nothing more than to help you and all their patients in and around Honolulu create smiles they are happy to share with others. 

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