Dr. Miyasaki and our team enjoy talking to patients about their Thanksgiving plans in November. We also like to talk to our patients about the connection between oral and overall health in November, which is American Diabetes Month.

Diabetes and gum disease, in particular, are linked. According to research, the two may share a connection due to inflammation, since both are inflammatory diseases. Researchers believe treating one may help treat the other. On top of that, diabetes can complicate infections and make them harder to fight. 

Dr. Miyasaki and Dr. David take a comprehensive approach to dentistry, so they are concerned with your oral and overall health. That’s why they check for periodontal disease at every exam and treat it with time-tested techniques or a laser, depending on your situation.

For an exam, call A Downtown Dental Group at 808-797-3680, or request your appointment in Honolulu online. Before you see us, watch this short video from the ADA on the connection between your oral and overall health.