Improve Your Smile With Orthodontic Treatment in Honolulu

If you are an adult seeking orthodontic treatment in Honolulu, you are certainly not alone. More and more adults want straighter teeth for a more attractive smile and better tooth alignment. No matter what your age, you will love the impact this treatment has on your appearance and overall oral health. Our dentists can help you:

  • Realign your jaw and protect your joints from damage
  • Correct crooked or crowded teeth for a healthier smile
  • Feel more confident about your smile

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Find the Orthodontic Option That Best Suits Your Smile

Straight teeth don’t just improve the look of your smile, they also give you more confidence in your appearance. You can also expect many oral health benefits with straight teeth, since there are fewer places for bacteria to hide. Plus, by correcting a misaligned bite, you reduce your risk for unneeded wear-and-tear.

At A Downtown Dental Group, we offer two great ways to get your smile in line. We’ll help you decide which may be the best option for you. Choose from:

  • Invisalign – Clear aligners perfectly and discreetly move teeth into alignment over 12 to 18 months on average. No one can see your treatment, except for you.
  • Traditional Braces – Sometimes braces are the best method for correcting misaligned teeth. We’ll discuss if this is the right option for your personal needs.

We are here to help you get the smile of your dreams. You may consider following up your orthodontic treatment with our many other cosmetic services, such as teeth whitening, veneers, or tooth bonding. We can create a custom plan that addresses all of your goals for your smile.

We can’t wait to start planning your future look with orthodontic treatment in Honolulu. Call 808-797-3680 now to visit A Downtown Dental Group for a free orthodontic consultation. You can also request an appointment online.