Mini Dental Implants From The Best Dentist in Honolulu, HI

At A Downtown Dental Group, we know that all of our patients are different in the way that they wish to receive their dental treatment. That is why we have a more affordable alternative to traditional implants, in the form of mini implants and Same-Day Smiles!

For All Of You Denture Sufferers

Traditional dentures can often become a nuisance, but you may not know of any affordable alternatives. We are here to tell you that mini implants are the most logical and affordable implant option. Mini implants can be implanted and attached to load-bearing dentures in just one office visit. These one-day mini implants are often referred to as Same-Day Smiles and are sometimes what patients turn to when they can’t afford traditional implants with individual crowns.

The Benefits Of Implants Over Dentures

The greatest advantages of having mini implants over dentures are the durability and the oral health benefits. When fitted with mini implants, your life will instantly become easier when it comes to eating and drinking. You’ll no longer have to worry about pain or discomfort, dentures moving around, or damaging your teeth while sitting down and eating a meal. Also, there are great health benefits, mainly because the bone underneath the teeth will not deteriorate like they would with traditional dentures. If you’re thinking about doing away with your troublesome dentures, mini implants are the logical, affordable option to replace them.

Same-Day Smiles

Along with offering mini implants, our dentist in Honolulu also offers the load-bearing Same-Day Smiles. Coming into our office to get mini implants and walking out with a beautiful new smile that day is a convenience that we are proud to offer. When you choose this option over dentures, you will be making a healthy decision that will also make your future self happy. When bone deteriorates after the loss of a tooth, this can cause your lower face to look old and weathered over time. Not choosing to save the bone from deterioration will, in essence, prematurely age your face. Making the choice to have mini implants will save that bone from deterioration and keep your face from sagging.

You’ll Love Your Dental Makeover

Choosing mini dental implants over traditional dentures may be one of the most beneficial dental choices that you may ever make. At A Downtown Dental Group, we want what is best for our patients’ oral health as well as overall well-being. With that in mind, we may recommend mini implants if we feel that they are what you need to stay happy and healthy. The betterment of your oral health can be as simple as paying us a visit because we believe that the most glorious smiles come easy.

For any questions about mini dental implants or Same-Day Smiles, contact your dentist in Honolulu, HI by calling 808-797-3680 or through our online contact form. We want to see you smile!