Put An End To Dental Anxiety – Visit A Dentist You Can Trust

Dental anxiety and phobia are real. Studies show that up to 15 percent of Americans completely avoid the dentist out of fear. That’s 30 to 40 million people! No one should have to live with mouth pain or an embarrassing smile because they’re afraid of the dentist.

A Downtown Dental Group is committed to giving our patients a comforting experience. You don’t have to choose between your fear of the dentist and oral discomfort. We’ll help you with both! Give us a call at 808-797-3680 to schedule your stress-free visit.

Make Dental Anxiety A Thing Of The Past

Dental anxiety often comes from a bad experience you’ve had in the past. You may have had a dentist who was unfriendly or downright mean! Our warm and caring staff will reshape your experience at our Honolulu, HI dentist office. Read a little about Drs. Miyasaki to learn why they are committed to relieving dental anxiety for all patients. It’s a priority for us!

We offer several accommodations to soothe your anxiety:

  • Longer appointment times so that you don’t feel rushed
  • Closed doors and separate rooms for privacy
  • Comfortable waiting and exam rooms
  • Gentle, friendly staff
  • Famously pain-free shots
  • Dental sedation if needed

You may have heard someone say “attitude is everything.” We tend to agree. Our attitude toward your experience will affect your feelings about going to the dentist. We are happy to put in a little extra work to make sure you feel safe and comfortable. Happy patients are healthy patients, and your health is our priority.

Opt Out Of Dental Anxiety With Sedation

Think you’re too anxious for us to help? Think again! Sedation is a popular and safe way to skip the anxiety altogether. We offer two types of sedation to calm your nerves during appointments. These options leave you conscious and able to respond to our staff but relaxed enough that you’re no longer afraid.

We do recommend that you have someone drive you to and from your appointment if you choose oral sedation. But inhaled sedation wears right off, so it’s a great option if you want to drive yourself. No matter what you decide, any sedation will be supplemented with our kind and understanding staff.

Call 808-797-3680 or use our handy contact form to schedule your appointment. And be prepared to experience quality dental care in an office that cares about you!

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