Put Some Sparkle in Your Smile With Senior Dentistry in Honolulu

If you’re age 60 or over, then we want to extend a special invitation to become part of our dental family. A Downtown Dental Group has served the area’s dental needs for over 30 years. We offer senior dentistry in Honolulu with all these benefits to you:

  • Complimentary exams, X-rays, and consultations for residents of care homes
  • A special Dental Savings Club For Seniors, giving you 10-100 percent savings on your dental care
  • An in-house lab for on-the-spot customization and fitting
  • Good, old-fashioned service with up-to-date techniques
  • Extended payment plans that fit with fixed incomes
  • A no-guilt dentist office without scolding or judgment

Call us today to schedule a visit for senior dental care: 808-797-3680. We’re located at 1139 Bethel Street, across from the Hawaii Theater Concert Hall on the corner of Bethel and Pauahi Streets.

Keep Your Smile Beautiful For Life

Good dental care becomes even more important as we age; however, many seniors tend to neglect their oral health. Finances, fear of judgment, and other concerns often keep the people who need dental care the most away from the dentist.

At A Downtown Dental Group, we love providing senior dentistry. That’s why we offer so many services to our older patients, all designed to make it easy to maintain a healthy, confident smile:

  • Dental implants for replacing missing teeth
  • An in-house hygiene program for healthy teeth and gums
  • A cavity management program, without drilling when possible
  • Specialty products, including dry mouth products and OraCare antibacterial mouthwash
  • Special reports and information to keep you in the know
  • Cosmetic dentures to give you more confidence and easier chewing
  • Dentistry for diabetics that keeps your unique needs in mind
  • Teeth whitening specials to give you back a gleaming smile

That’s just the beginning of the special services available to you as one of our senior patients. Plus, your treatment at A Downtown Dental Group won’t break your budget. With our Dental Savings Club, you’ll receive a full year of preventive dental care for only $15 per month, with savings of 10 to 100 percent on many of our services. And we offer free dentures consultations and extended payment plans as well.

We make special considerations for our patients who are residents of care homes. You’ll enjoy complimentary exams, X-rays, and consultations so you can make the best decisions possible regarding your dental care.

It’s easy to see we love providing senior dentistry in Honolulu. Come be a part of our dental family! Call us today at 808-797-3680 to schedule your next checkup or other dental care. We look forward to helping you achieve and maintain your best smile yet!

Senior Patient Testimonials

Daniel S., Senior Patient

Since I was pressured by my granddaughter to have a dental professional examine and try to save any teeth that I had left in my mouth, I reviewed a few dental ads on the internet and found that the Downtown Dental Group was my first choice out of about 6. I am so glad that my granddaughter was so insistent, so I made arrangements with Dr. Miyasaki’s staff to work on my choppers. I found that Dr. Miyasaki and his staff took a personal interest in providing me with the best dental care that I could ever ask for, especially since my past experiences with the dental profession had been unbearable since I was a kid. Even when I felt uncomfortable with a partial, there was no hesitation on the part of Dr. Miyasaki or his staff to provide me with immediate service to fix the problem. I was also offered a payment plan to do the extensive work that needed to be done, it turned out great and payments were tailored to meet my budget. I would not hesitate to refer my family and friends to experience what I found to be something that I should have done years ago. Thanks to Dr. Miyasaki and his staff for their concerns and excellent work ethics and especially my granddaughter for her insistence for me to take time to attend to something that is so important and give me back my self-assurance and confidence.

Yuji, Senior Patient

We are writing to say a BIG thank you-to you. Dr. Miyasaki and your entire staff, for taking such good care of my senior husband. We feel so lucky to have recently found such a caring dentist. Dr. Miyasaki took a lot of

time … consulting, explaining, and performing some major procedures that needed to be done for a long time. My husband’s health will improve and he will suffer less, once these dental necessities are completed. Dr. Miyasaki was very gentle, professional, reassuring and kind. Doctor’s staff learned that my husband has fainted in the past, so they made sure he was comfortable and calm for his procedures. He still has a number of visits ahead of him, but we are confident that choosing Dr. Miyasaki was the best decision. Doctor’s rates and payments options are fair, reasonable and affordable, especially since we have no health insurance. We saw an award stating that Dr. Miyasaki is rated to be one of America’s Top Dentists … and already we know that it’s true! Thanks again to all of you for your TLC! The tooth fairy is SO GLAD we found you to! With much appreciation, your grateful, happy patient.

Jocelyn I., Wahiawa, Senior Patient

I was impressed by your humility and sincere kindness. Your true concern of the needs to help people deeply touched my heart. I could feel your heart as you spoke to me, and I can tell you that you sincerely want to serve and help me to build my confidence to smile, feeling good and not feeling ashamed of my neglect to care for my teeth, after all these years. I have sacrificed my personal needs for my friends and family. And even today, if I had to, I would put others before me. I don’t expect much, but I am grateful to what I can expect and meeting you, being so kind and understanding and not putting me down on not taking better care of my teeth. Everyone experiences trauma that causes them to be afraid and I am one who experienced it and was scared. You assured me that You, Dr. Miyasaki wants to help me in whatever way you can, As I am writing, I am deeply touched by your humbleness, that I can’t stop the tears of being grateful there is someone like you. Thank you for your wonderful heart and your willingness to do what you possibly can to fix my teeth. You have been a god send blessing!

What Our Patients are Saying

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