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Hi Dr. Miyasaki, I have never and I mean never had such an awesome experience with an dentist the way I have with you. The care and concern you give to your patients is sincerely given with a loving heart. How you treat your patient at each visit is always with such great care and this is very important when being under the care of a doctor. There is NO DOUBT that recommending you to other friends and family is a must. I don't know of anyone who has felt so comfortable with their dentist. You have given such understanding and patience when it came to my situation. I was at the end just not knowing who to turn to or if I would be given a chance to receive service to repair my teeth especially without having insurance. Though you seen the neglect you never judged me or my situation but instead welcomed me with open arms and leaving no worries. This is something to SMILE about and you better believe I do! I am grateful.

- Ariel Rapoza-Waianae

For anyone that has ever been afraid of the dentist due to a prior bad experience, you nee to see Dr. Miyasaki to change your life. The minute you meet him, he puts you at ease. He is patient, understanding and truly cares about his patients and gives them the best dental care. He is at the top of his field in terms of skill, service and patient relations. I had to have a bridge done because I had a severely cracked tooth that hurt so badly and was beyond repair. The whole experience with Dr. Miyasaki has cured my dental phobia. Not only was the procedure well-done, he made sure I was comfortable the whole time and truly cared about how I felt before, during and after the procedure. He even called me at home to follow up on how I was doing afterwards. His heart is really into what he does and his skill is at the top of his field. I recommend him highly.

- Anonymous

Dear Dr. Miyasaki: I cannnot thank you and your staff enough for the fabulous work you did in seeing me through my dental procedure. I am so grateful to have my confidence, self-esteem and most importantly-beautiful SMILE! I was fortunate to have the support of my husband Paul throughout my ordeal. back in December when all the teeth were removed I raelly had a hard time looking into the mirror. But, I could not turn back and had to move forward no matter what. It was hard getting used to the dentures at first but I gradually got accustomed to it and within time the adjustment was so much better. There are still some foods that I cannot eat because they will stick to the dentures but overall I'm doing well. My dental problems started when I was 12 years old. Since that time I've never been back to the dentist until I got the courage to make an appointment to come into your office. Growing up, from elementary, intermediate and high school i never had any friends. The boys back hen called me "corroded." I never did smile and when I'd talk sometimes I would over my mouth. Often, people could not understand my speech because I would not open my mouth wide enough so it was like the words were lost and I would have to repeat myself. It wasn't until the teeth were falling out about two years ago that I knew I had to do something. I could not continue living the way I had but that was then. Today, I smile more and a better person to be around. My husband has noticed how much more happier I am. So, with that said, thank you Dr Miyasaki for your patience and never makeing judgments and making me feel better. Much Aloha

- Christine I. Kempczenski

Dear Dr. Miyasaki: Wow!! My teeth look like a beautiful makeover! You did an outstanding job with many hours of work to get my teeth where it is today. Thank you ever so much and for working diligently so that I can have my confidence back and smile too. It just seems so surreal. Again, thank you and your staff from the bottom of my heart! With a smile always

- Amy Omoto, Waipahu

Aloha, Dr. Miyasaki! This is the first visit to a dentist that I've ever had that I've felt no pain whatsoever. It was the best dental visit I've ever had in my life! I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate your skills as a dentist. I want you to know that I consider you to be my dentist now and I am going to be bringing my family and myself for the rest of my life. Thank you very, very, very much for what you did for me. And please thank Darlene and your assistant. I would just like to give you a big warm aloha, and God bless, and you guys are the best!!! P.S. I slept soooo good last night!!

- Charles Ramos, Waimanalo

Aloha Dr Miyasaki and Staff, Mahalo for your wonderful aloha and caring for your patients. My experience was wonderful and your staff were so maika'i and kind. Keep that wonderful spirit of Aloha always. From the moment I step foot in the door I could feel a gentle, warm and generous heart from everyone, mahalo. Dr. mahalo for the beautiful red rose to welcome your new patients. I left feeling good about myself, knowing that I have met wonderful new friends. Mahalo Darline and Verna see you both soon.

- Analani Alexander Kailua, HI

I've always be terrified to go to the dentist. With the awful experiences I've had in my childhood. Dr. Miyasaki and his awesome staff made me feel so comfortable and unashamed from my very frist visit. With the work done so far, I am blown away, with the wonderful care they took of me to make me feel very comfortable. I tell everyone I can about the royal treatment I receive, every time I go. It's so funny, cause now I can't wait to go to my next appointment. Awesome, loving care done there and I am confident that I'm in excellent hands and can't wait to see the end results.

- Denise Huth

Thank you for making me feel so welcome and comfortable. I am so glad that I had the courage to finally make the appointment. I knew eventually that I would have had to. I just wish I did so earlier. I know how important it is to take care of your teeth and mouth so I should have known better and now wait so long. I was so impressed and happy when I left the office, I couldn't stop talking about it to my family. Dr. Miyasaki and his staff are so polite and friendly which helped me to feel so comfortable. Offering me a choice of beverage, a beautiful rose, wow...I really felt special. I know now, I have nothing to fear because I will be in the best of hands everytime I'm there. Much mahalo and God bless you all.

- Beverly Jo Miyasaki

Dr. Miyasaki, This rose is for you! You may not recognize it as the fresh yellow rose you gave me on my first appointment in February. When I saw the rose the next morning, it was a tangible reminder that I made the difficult first step and really visited your office. I faced the fear and went through it! The rose represented "Hope" and a new beginning. As you can see, the rose has gone through a metamorphosis as I have during the past six months. In spite of the years of my lack of an easy, healthy smile, I did my best and was able to use and sharpen other skills to create a good life. No one is defined by only one feature or incident. However, I feel the smile that your expertise and skills created for me is a wonderful added asset to my life now. The least of which is a healthier life. Now, I can express externally with a smile the humor and joy I usually feel. It's amazing how much lighter I feel without the burden of feeling self-conscious about my lack of a decent smile. Dr. Miyasaki, if I had you as my childhood dentist, I would never have been in the situation I was in. I would have looked forward to visiting the dentist. But there is a reason and a time for everything in life, and we always have to live in the present. Every detour takes us down another route intended for us. Your kind, compassionate, and gentle approach added to my commitment and inner knowledge that I made the best decision to call your office. Each member of your staff that I interacted with (Remy, Meg, Daryelene, Julia, Verna, Jo, Janet, Jesus) made me feel accepted and encouraged even though I knew I had a lot of work to go through. This compassionate, non-judgmental approach to those facing dental work of any kind is so important. It is different than resetting a broken arm. From the patient's perspective, one is in a vulnerable position, horizontal in a chair, with intimidating machines and sounds, strong lights, with mouth fully exposed. People are working "in" your face/head. Besides facing this environment, they are dealing with their own inner gremlins of fear or embarrassment. The patient is putting their full trust in your and your assistant's hands, a huge responsibility. I felt compelled to write this, in case you have days when you or your staff may feel discouraged or tired or wonder if your work is truly appreciated by your many clients. Hopefully, after you read this, you will know the answer is a resounding yes! You and your team are dispensers of hope, health, and fresh starts. May God bless you and your hands as you work on each client. Of course, I will be back for regular maintenance and for any other dental issues and will refer anyone I know to Dr. Miyasaki! Sincerely, Gail

- Gail

The staff was very personable and helpful as soon as I walked in the door. The Dental assistant was excellent. I felt so much relief knowing that I was going to be given the best care. I have a Dental Phobia and my anxiety was diminished immediately. Dr. Miyasaki is an angel. Professional, calm, understanding. I am SO happy I found him. I am recommending him to Everyone I know.

- Rebecca Bowman

Fabulous!!!! Great, great work by Dr. Miyasaki and his excellent staff. I have a lot to smile about now. Thank you, again, Dr. Miyasaki. I thank god that I found you one day online. I believe everything happens for a reason and I am sure glad that "you" happened to be the very skilled dentist that I stumbled upon!!! Hope you all have a blessed and wonderful Easter Sunday with your families!!! I'll see you folks in May!!!

- Aloha, Linda Phillips

I had two molars drilled and filled and never even felt the Novocaine process for each...if I hadn't needed to keep my mouth open I could have fallen asleep. I have NEVER had an experience this peasent at a dentist office in 50 years of going to them. I have had exams more uncomfortale than this was. Mahalo!

- Teresa Nielsen

I've been a patient of Dr. Miyasaki for several yeras and continue to be impressed with his dental treatments. His staff is very friendly. Dr. Miyasaki is considerate of my budget concerns. Most importantly, he always makes certain I am comfortable during procedures. He always provides excellent care!! I am so glad to have found a great dentist in Hawaii!

- Anonymous

I am one who feared goin g to the dentist because of 1-finances 2-Pian 3-agony of waiting till it's your turn even though you had a scheduled appointment and 4-being brushed of as a client and told to just have a seat someone will be with you. As soon as I entered this office there was a welcoming feeling that I had from the friendly staff. My appointment was scheduled at a specific time and at that specific time I was beeing seen. Being that it was my first visit the norms would be to sign a whole stack of papers so that they know wh o and what type of patient their dealing with. What I found to be most settling to me was that they didn't have me fill out a whole bunch of papers they actually sat me down and asked me, so I had a more one on one experience. The funny thing was the office that my husband and I tried, the first thing that came out of thier mouths was basically, "You get insurance? How you going to Pay?" Here it wasn't like that apparently if you don't have the funds up front they actually can work with you on a payment type thing. the overall visit was a plus for us. "Us" meaning we left the office as new clients to their list. Now both my husband and I after 11 years finally can say we have a family Dentist. Thank you Dr. Miyasaki and staff.

- Janell Vili

I actually enjoy my dental visits. I'm so excited to see my end results. Dr. Miyasaki and his staff are so friendly and caring. They know how to make you feel welcomed an very comfortable. I LOVE MY DENTIST.

- Denise Huth

After many years of putting off going to the dentist because of past, traumatic experiences with another dentist, I did some research on Sleep Dentistry and realized that it was the only solution for me. My case was so extreme because of pain and swelling in my gums. My overall oral health was not good, which was probably the cause of my high-blood pressure. Taking the first step in making an appointment to consult with Dr. Miyasaki was the best thing I could do for myself. I was extremely impressed at the end of my first visit due to Dr. Miyasaki's courteous and caring staff. Every courtesy was extended to insure that I was comfortable and stress-free. The gentle demeanor of Dr. Miyasaki was what impressed me the most, unlike my previous dentist, as he instantly put me at ease to reassure me that he would help me to improve my dental health. My husband and I were so amazed that after each of my sessions of Sleep Dentistry, I awoke literally pain-free and trauma-free with no side effects whatsoever. There was even no swelling or bleeding after extracting several teeth including my wisdoms. I am so impressed by the whole procedure and would highly recommend Sleep Dentistry to anyone who is afraid or have been putting off the dentist for many years. The best thing about it is that you don't remember anything during the procedure so there is no trauma at all. Many thanks to Dr. Miyasaki and his staff for giving me back my confidence in achieving good oral health and giving me back my smile!

- Anne C, Aiea

I just wanted to first of all let you know how pleased I am with the way my teeth turned out. Can you believe it, someone actually said to me "You have NICE TEETH!!" :=) I owe it all to you! You are very precise and very professional with the work that you do, and I appreciate that very much. I have finally met a dentist whom I can say "it was money well spent" about. YOU ARE AWESOME!! Thank you so much again for a job well done!

- Darci Say

I have always been plagued with teeth problems as a result of exposure to Tetracycline when I was a kid. My teeth was sensitive, discolored and looked tarnished for years. I hate to smile and could not tolerate any hot or cold drinks. I now have sparkling teeth, a beautiful smile and a big boost to my confidence. I have received a lot of nice compliments from my friends and family. Dr. Miyasaki is very professional and attentive to my needs and problems. His staff is also very wonderful and courteous. Thank you Dr. Miyasaki!

- Judy, Honolulu

Dear Dr. Miyasaki, You are nothing short of a genius in my view. I can’t express enough gratitude. You’ve changed my life. I haven’t had nice teeth for so long... I need to practice a wide smile because I’ve learned to squelch a smile to hide my teeth. Your staff has been supportive, kind, and super tolerant of this crazy lady, me. What else can I say to all of you? Love, Mary, Pearl City

- Mary, Pearl City

Dear Dr. Miyasaki, Thank you very much for your gentle care in taking care of me. I missed you very much. I will always cherish the beautiful smile you gave me by fixing my front teeth. I was always afraid of the dentist, but I want you to know that you are the best. I took a trip to Vegas to relax before the holidays and saw this tie and couldn’t resist it. Please wear it when you take your family out to dinner.

- Lei, Honolulu

My friends are telling me how young and attractive I look now with my new, white, pearly teeth. I feel happy as a lark thanks to the expertise of Dr. Miyasaki and his caring assistant. It happened while I slept sound and snug in the chair with my feet up. I felt nothing, heard no one, and dreamed away. When I awoke, I had a row of fine, straight, and glossy white (not “choppers”) teeth. They look and feel real. Having had terror-filled and painful episodes in the dentist chair as a child, I was an especially nervous Nellie. I ran away from so many dentists disappointing my family who were close to calling me Miss Cry Baby. Dr. Miyasaki and his staff have a nonjudgmental approach to dentistry, and I recommend Sleep Dentistry for others like me.

- Mrs. Barnes, Oahu

Dear Dr. Miyasaki and Staff, Thanks to each and every one of you, I was able to get the much-needed dental work I have been putting off for many years. Your caring, patient, and understanding ways helped me feel at ease, while your competence and hard work gave me nothing but confidence in knowing I was getting the best possible care with great results. Having all my dental work done has been a tremendous relief for me, and I can’t possibly thank you enough. I smile a lot more because of you! Thanks so much!

- Kristi, Mililani

When I came across the ad on sleep dentistry I was apprehensive, to say the least. It had been 30 years since my last visit to a dentist. Justly so, at least from my perspective, for I had every phobia imaginable, fear of needles, restrictive position in the dental chair, gagging & pain! Dr. Miyasaki and staff explained everything fully and relieved most of my concerns. But the proof was in taking two small tablets an hour before each of my dental procedures. Absolute magic. I slept through the entire thing, no fear, no pain, no side effects.

- Joe, Kalihi

Dear Dr. Miyasaki, Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity in providing me with the partial plate that enhances both my looks and my dietary possibilities. When my former dentist refused to proceed after I had paid for expensive evaluations then rendered them useless - with a big up front payment and more to be paid before the final visit, I had my first experience with a doctor whose values are clearly focused on personal wealth rather than patient health. It has been disheartening to say the least. You provided a needed reminder that at least some in the medical field care about their patients, listen to and accept information based on their personal experiences without seeming to feel threatened as "the authority". I tell all whom I know and those who remark on my teeth about the quality of your work and care. I hope some are smart enough to act on my recommendation!

- JMD, Honolulu

Dear Dr. Miyasaki, For the years I have known you, you were always kind and have given me a lot of attention. Words cannot express my thankfulness. If not for you, I would be looking old and ready to fade away. Thanks to you I feel young... Anyway, to show my appreciation I went to the commissary and bought some fruit for you and your wife to enjoy. My own choice. I think it will take a while to finish it up but try your best to stay healthy! If I can be of any help please feel free to ask me. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget a good friend like you!!

- Alice Yee, Nuuanu