Anne C, Aiea

After many years of putting off going to the dentist because of past, traumatic experiences with another dentist, I did some research on Sleep Dentistry and realized that it was the only solution for me. My case was so extreme because of pain and swelling in my gums. My overall oral health was not good, which was probably the cause of my high-blood pressure. Taking the first step in making an appointment to consult with Dr. Miyasaki was the best thing I could do for myself. I was extremely impressed at the end of my first visit due to Dr. Miyasaki’s courteous and caring staff. Every courtesy was extended to insure that I was comfortable and stress-free. The gentle demeanor of Dr. Miyasaki was what impressed me the most, unlike my previous dentist, as he instantly put me at ease to reassure me that he would help me to improve my dental health.

My husband and I were so amazed that after each of my sessions of Sleep Dentistry, I awoke literally pain-free and trauma-free with no side effects whatsoever. There was even no swelling or bleeding after extracting several teeth including my wisdoms. I am so impressed by the whole procedure and would highly recommend Sleep Dentistry to anyone who is afraid or have been putting off the dentist for many years. The best thing about it is that you don’t remember anything during the procedure so there is no trauma at all.

Many thanks to Dr. Miyasaki and his staff for giving me back my confidence in achieving good oral health and giving me back my smile!

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