Daniel S., Senior Patient

Since I was pressured by my granddaughter to have a dental professional examine and try to save any teeth that I had left in my mouth, I reviewed a few dental ads on the internet and found that the Downtown Dental Group was my first choice out of about 6. I am so glad that my granddaughter was so insistent, so I made arrangements with Dr. Miyasaki’s staff to work on my choppers. I found that Dr. Miyasaki and his staff took a personal interest in providing me with the best dental care that I could ever ask for, especially since my past experiences with the dental profession had been unbearable since I was a kid. Even when I felt uncomfortable with a partial, there was no hesitation on the part of Dr. Miyasaki or his staff to provide me with immediate service to fix the problem. I was also offered a payment plan to do the extensive work that needed to be done, it turned out great and payments were tailored to meet my budget. I would not hesitate to refer my family and friends to experience what I found to be something that I should have done years ago. Thanks to Dr. Miyasaki and his staff for their concerns and excellent work ethics and especially my granddaughter for her insistence for me to take time to attend to something that is so important and give me back my self-assurance and confidence.

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