Jocelyn I., Wahiawa, Senior Patient

I was impressed by your humility and sincere kindness. Your true concern of the needs to help people deeply touched my heart. I could feel your heart as you spoke to me, and I can tell you that you sincerely want to serve and help me to build my confidence to smile, feeling good and not feeling ashamed of my neglect to care for my teeth, after all these years. I have sacrificed my personal needs for my friends and family. And even today, if I had to, I would put others before me. I don’t expect much, but I am grateful to what I can expect and meeting you, being so kind and understanding and not putting me down on not taking better care of my teeth. Everyone experiences trauma that causes them to be afraid and I am one who experienced it and was scared. You assured me that You, Dr. Miyasaki wants to help me in whatever way you can, As I am writing, I am deeply touched by your humbleness, that I can’t stop the tears of being grateful there is someone like you. Thank you for your wonderful heart and your willingness to do what you possibly can to fix my teeth. You have been a god send blessing!

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