Mrs. Barnes, Oahu

My friends are telling me how young and attractive I look now with my new, white, pearly teeth. I feel happy as a lark thanks to the expertise of Dr. Miyasaki and his caring assistant.

It happened while I slept sound and snug in the chair with my feet up. I felt nothing, heard no one, and dreamed away. When I awoke, I had a row of fine, straight, and glossy white (not “choppers”) teeth. They look and feel real.

Having had terror-filled and painful episodes in the dentist chair as a child, I was an especially nervous Nellie. I ran away from so many dentists disappointing my family who were close to calling me Miss Cry Baby.

Dr. Miyasaki and his staff have a nonjudgmental approach to dentistry, and I recommend Sleep Dentistry for others like me.

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