Steven, S., Kaneohe

What a wonderful experience I’ve just had — and it happened in a dentist’s chair! I’ve just had the pleasure of having dental work done by Dr. Miyasaki and his lovely staff.

Every second in Dr. Miyasaki’s care has been about easing my worries and fears and solving my dental needs. A more caring, thoughtful, kind, gentle, and conscientious dentist and staff you will not find. For the first time in my life, I actually enjoyed going to the dentist.

I’m glad that I believed the testimonials in his ads. The people in the ads had their dreams of having a healthy mouth and beautiful smile come true, and so did I.

Thank you, Dr. Miyasaki and staff, and thank you to the people who guided me to this wonderful dentist by sharing their own satisfied experiences in the ads. I really appreciate it!

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