Doctors Wilfred and David Miyasaki Truly Care About Your Health and Happiness

Dear Friend,

Being your dentist is a personal honor and a responsibility we take very seriously. Practicing dentistry is our life and our passion. Today is such an exciting time to be a dentist and to be a patient. We can do so much now for health, function, and beauty. We can create beautiful smiles, increase self-esteem, and dramatically change people’s lives. Good dental care is not just about your teeth; it’s about how you feel when you smile. And your smile is important to us, which is why we will do everything we can to help keep it sparkling.

Dr. Wilfred Miyasaki says, “I’m sometimes asked, ‘What made you decide to be a dentist?’ I remember going to the dentist as a child in Waipahu. I ate a lot of candy; I was the candy king. So I had a lot of cavities, and I spent a lot of time at the dentist. I was always afraid to go to the dentist because the drilling was done without Novocaine, so it hurt. Also, the dentist kept the syringes to numb teeth in a clear glass container out in plain sight. They looked huge, and I was frightened of them. I would pray, ‘I hope he doesn’t have to use that’. I always felt, ‘There’s got to be a better way’.”

So my life goal was to make dentistry better for my patients. Dr. David Miyasaki embraces this same purpose, although he didn’t have the same experience I had. We want to be able to numb teeth without pain. We want to stress prevention, to offer choices, treat not only the teeth but also the whole person, and create beautiful smiles. Most importantly, our experience also inspires us to do all we can to make our patients as comfortable and pain-free as they can be.

As your dentist, we also realize that it is our responsibility to keep up with the latest developments in dentistry. That is why we take 50-100 hours of continuing education classes annually through many of the world’s most prestigious centers of advanced dental education. Dr. Wilfred Miyasaki has attended the Pankey Institute of Advanced Dental Education and the Las Vegas Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry. He also stays in contact with the latest techniques and procedures through his association with a number of professional organizations.

As the past continuing education director and president of the Pacific Dental Study Group here in Honolulu, he was able to not only learn from his peers but also gained the opportunity to share his knowledge with others in Hawaii and across the United States. Dr David has attended the Advanced California Implant Institute, endorsed by the UNLV School of Dental Medicine, the Advanced General Dentistry Residency Program at the prestigious UCLA School of Dentistry, and is currently a member of the Honolulu Cosmetic Dentistry Study Group taught by the renowned and world class dentist Dr. Wynn Okuda. Thousands of people are smiling proudly with the help of the individual care we offer to each patient – the same people we see every day as residents of Honolulu, where we have lived most of our lives.

Helping to change people’s lives extends beyond the walls of our practice. In the past, Dr. Wilfred has had the privilege to lead the Hawaii campaign for Smiles for Life and Garth Brook’s Touch’ ‘em All Foundation to help raise money for disadvantaged and seriously ill children in Hawaii and throughout the U.S. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, Gwen and his son, David. He is very proud to say that David works alongside him in their dental practice. He also enjoys playing tennis at the Manoa tennis courts or the Diamond Head tennis courts.

In the past, scouting also played an important role in Dr. Wilfred’s life. Not only did it offer him something he could share with his son, David, who is an Eagle Scout, but it also gave him the chance to have an impact on the lives of impressionable boys. To see these sometimes spoiled, uncooperative boys grow into responsible, helpful, confident young men who are excellent citizens, good students, and socially-minded is a reward in itself.

Now that they work together, Dr. David and Dr. Wilfred have participated in Dentists With A Heart, where they provided free dental care to needy people in the community. This was done for 14 years. They volunteer their services to the annual TCOYD (Take Control Of Your Diabetes) Hawaii Conference, where they do free diabetic health screenings for conference participants. They also participate in the Hawaii Food Bank during Thanksgiving, and Toys for Tots during Christmas.

On the personal side, Dr. David loves to spend time with his wife Nan, and they enjoy going out to dinner at new gourmet restaurants in Honolulu. He is also the proud father of a new son, Ken, who keeps both David and Nan very busy. David also enjoys tennis and golf if can he find the time.

So why do we do these things? The answer is simple: We both want to provide the best care to our patients, to keep current in dentistry, to give back to our community, and to help make people’s smiles – and lives – the best they can be. And that goal starts by providing you with individualized attention and care so you’ll be proud to share your smile with the world.


Wilfred A. Miyasaki, DMD, and David K. Miyasaki, DMD

P.S. Again, we are very honored that you have chosen us as your dentist. If there is ever anything special we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to call us.