Create Your Dream Smile With Dental Veneers in Honolulu

Stats Image Porcelain veneers can last up to 20 years. Source.
You don’t have to settle for a smile with embarrassing cracks, chips, stains, and other teeth flaws. Your dream smile is possible with dental veneers in Honolulu. This versatile cosmetic solution will give you:

  • A flawless smile that looks completely natural
  • Strong, stain-resistant teeth for years
  • Customized veneers that accomplish your personal goals
  • Improved confidence for years to come

Call A Downtown Dental Group today at 808-797-3680 to set up your free consultation. We can even let you preview your smile before placement. Let us show you how amazing dental veneers can be!

Find Veneers to Suit Your Individual Smile Needs

Drs. Wilfred and David Miyasaki are passionate about bringing science and artistry together to create your custom veneers. They are highly trained and experienced cosmetic dentists who offer a variety of dental veneer solutions to give you a dream smile. Their expertise led to our practice being named one of the top three cosmetic dentists in Honolulu by ThreeBest Rated® after a rigorous 50-point inspection.

The entire process begins with a consultation at A Downtown Dental Group.

During that conversation, your doctor will examine your teeth and discuss the best way to achieve your smile goals. Your veneers options may include:

  • Custom Veneers — We will create beautiful custom veneers for you right here in our office. This means your new smile is designed and made according to your exact specifications. The color and shape are well within your control. You can even preview how your smile will look before your veneers are placed over your natural teeth!
  • Minimal/No-Prep Veneers — These ultra-thin veneers don’t require your natural teeth to be altered before placement.

No matter which type of veneers work best for you, your dentist will be there to ensure you are happy with your results. We take great pride in creating a customized solution for you, so don’t hesitate to let us know exactly what you want. You can also whiten your teeth before your procedure for an overall whiter, brighter smile.

Feel Comfortable & Confident While We Beautify Your Smile

Many cosmetic dental treatments, including veneers, are noninvasive and virtually painless procedures. Still, you may be a little nervous about having any work done on your teeth. You have nothing to worry about when you’re in our gentle hands. Our compassionate team is dedicated to making you feel completely at ease.

We offer several amenities to enhance your comfort, like blankets, pillows, and headphones. You can also talk to us about our dental sedation options to keep you completely relaxed. We’ll do everything we can to make sure your smile transformation is a pleasant experience.

Take the first step toward your new smile! Call us today at 808-797-3680 to schedule your free consultation for dental veneers in Honolulu.

Common Questions About Dental Veneers

Are dental veneers painful?

Your treatment with dental veneers should be completely painless. Sometimes we need to make minor tooth modifications to make room for your veneers, but this should also be entirely without pain. If you’re nervous about getting your new veneers, we can give you sedation that will help you relax – either inhaled sedation with laughing gas or a small pill to take your mind off your dental care.

Do dental veneers look fake?

In the experienced hands of Drs. Miyasaki, your new veneers will look completely lifelike and natural. We’ll make sure the veneers you decide on together will complement your smile and not look fake or out of place. After your veneers treatment is complete, you’ll have a genuine smile you’ll want to show off to everyone.

Can you whiten dental veneers?

No, it is not possible to whiten dental veneers. For this reason, we recommend that our veneers patients first whiten their teeth to their desired level of whiteness, then we will match your new veneers to your teeth. With a quick whitening touch-up every so often, you can maintain a white and radiant smile all year long.

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