Address Health Concerns With Honolulu Dentistry for Diabetics

Having diabetes is difficult on many levels, but did you know that it can affect your oral health? At A Downtown Dental Group, we want to help you achieve a healthy smile despite that diagnosis! Dentistry for diabetics in Honolulu is catered to your unique health concerns, so you can:

  • Prevent gum disease and other oral infections
  • Experience better healing and recovery from dental procedures
  • Reduce your risk for health problems tied to diabetes like heart attack and stroke
  • Enjoy the benefits of a bright, healthy, and confident smile

Call our office at 808-797-3680. We are skilled at providing excellent dental care to patients with diabetes. In fact, we are known for it! Don’t forget to ask about our $49 exam, X-ray, and consultation special for new patients when you call.

Keep Smiling With Our Dental Care Tips for Diabetics

At A Downtown Dental Group, our team specializes in making sure that diabetics’ oral health stays in exceptional condition. Here are some tips for keeping your oral health at an optimal level:

  • Your blood sugar must remain as close to a normal level as possible.
  • You must keep us informed about the status of your diabetes. Let us know when your last episode was, so we can be as prepared as possible.
  • Visit your physician regularly and follow his or her recommendations. We are happy to work with your physician.
  • Follow post-treatment instructions carefully, and keep in mind that healing may take longer after surgery.

Better Manage Your Diabetes With Our Free Diabetes Information Kit

A free information kit is yours on request with a special report, “How To Tame Diabetes and Its Side Effects,” sent to you by mail. There is no cost and no obligation. Your kit will help you see that:

  • What has kept you from getting the complete dental care you’ve needed should not concern you now.
  • Our current treatment methods are typically painless.
  • You’ll receive guilt-free, respectful care in a relaxed environment.

Every dental problem has a solution, no matter how complex. Whether you just need periodontal or gum care designed to support better blood sugar control, implant dentistry, restorative dentistry, or even a smile makeover, dentistry for diabetics in Honolulu can help you.

Are you at risk for diabetes? Find out by answering these questions, then call 808-797-3680 to set up an appointment. You can also request an appointment online.

Dentistry For Diabetics Is Our Passion

Common Questions About Dentistry for Diabetics

Does diabetes affect my oral health?

Diabetics are at greater risk of problems with their oral hygiene. Their white blood cells are elevated, which makes them more likely to have bacterial infections, including oral infections. Oral health can also suffer due to a lack of saliva resulting from medication side effects. This results in dry mouth and therefore tooth decay, soreness, and ulcers. Diabetics are also at greater risk for gingivitis, which can ultimately result in gum disease.

Why do I need special dentistry for diabetics?

Our goal for every patient is to keep their mouth healthy and to treat small issues before they become larger problems. This is especially important for diabetics. If a diabetic develops problems that need extensive work or surgery, they may experience slow healing because of lack of immediate blood flow to the area that was worked on. We deal with these problems a great deal and are recognized as experts in diabetic dentistry in Honolulu.

Do diabetics have bad breath?

Diabetes can raise glucose levels in your mouth, which makes you more prone to the bacteria growth that can cause bad breath – and even worse, decay and infection. If you have high blood sugar, it’s also harder for your body to fight infection. Because of this, it takes longer for diabetics to recover from gum disease and other dental problems. That’s why preventive care is so important for diabetics.

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