Save Your Smile With Nonsurgical Gum Disease Treatment in Honolulu

If your gums are red and swollen, you could have gum disease. Don’t ignore this serious condition. By getting our nonsurgical gum disease treatment in Honolulu, you can:

  • Avoid gum surgery
  • End your infection
  • Stop bad breath
  • Preserve more of your healthy gum tissue
  • Prevent tooth loss

Don’t wait if you are showing symptoms of periodontal problems. Let us help you get your oral health back in shape. Call 808-797-3680 to plan a visit to A Downtown Dental Group. You’ll find us at 1139 Bethel Street.

Find Treatment for the Different Stages of Gum Disease

If you’re worried that your gums may be inflamed, we examine every patient’s gums at every checkup. When you choose A Downtown Dental Group, you know your health won’t slip through the cracks.

We offer treatment for every stage of gum disease to help you get your smile back. Our caring and talented dental hygienists will work with you to reverse the progression of your gum disease:

  • If your gums are simply irritated from plaque buildup, we may only need to perform a deep cleaning procedure.
  • For more advanced infections, we can use a soft-tissue laser to remove tissue without the need for gum surgery. The laser allows us to save more of your healthy tissue and lets you recover faster, too.

Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States. It’s also been linked to a number of other health issues, including diabetes complications, heart disease, kidney disease, strokes, and more. In other words, being proactive about your gums is good for your oral and overall health.

Gum disease manifests in a number of ways. You may notice other symptoms, such as: bleeding gums, gum recession, chronic bad breath, sensitivity to hot or cold foods, or loose teeth.

To schedule a checkup or a nonsurgical gum disease treatment in Honolulu, call 808-797-3680 today!