Reveal Healthy Teeth With Your Honolulu Restorative Dentist

Damaged or missing teeth aren’t just health concerns. They also make eating a challenge and impact your self-esteem. Restorative dentistry can turn it all around! When you trust your experienced restorative dentist in Honolulu to repair your smile, you can:

  • Chew all your favorite foods with ease
  • Keep your mouth healthy and functional
  • Improve your smile and your confidence
  • Avoid more extensive and costly damage

Let us restore your smile and your quality of life! Call us today at 808-797-3680 to schedule an appointment at A Downtown Dental Group. We make it easy to schedule your visit with hours as early as 7:40 a.m. and Saturday appointments. Initial consultations and second opinions are free.

Feel Like Yourself Again With a Full & Healthy Smile

Your restorative dentist repairs damaged teeth with a focus on your overall health. We value the total wellness of our patients, so we choose the safest materials for our restorations. We also understand the importance of looking your best, so we make sure your restorative treatment results in a gorgeous, natural-looking smile! With our in-house dental lab, it’s easier and much quicker to get the beautiful results you want.

Restorative dental care includes procedures, such as:

  • Dental Implants –These artificial tooth roots restore your strong bite and look and feel natural in your mouth. You’ll get back the pleasure of eating all your favorite food with this long-term tooth replacement solution.
  • Dentures – With this “old faithful” of replacement teeth, you can replace an entire arch of missing teeth. We can also secure your dentures to implants for a stronger bite.
  • Tooth Fillings – Our fillings are made of composite or porcelain material. These biocompatible options do not contain metal, mercury, or any toxic materials. If you have amalgam fillings, we can replace them with one of these safer materials.
  • Root Canals – If an infection has reached the pulp inside your tooth, Drs. Wilfred and David Miyasaki can perform a pain-free root canal. You’ll feel better and avoid extraction.
  • Dental Crowns – Our in-house porcelain specialist will restore your damaged or decayed teeth with crowns that look naturally beautiful.

No matter which treatment you select, you can receive dental sedation if needed. We also have blankets, pillows, and headphones to help you relax.

It’s time to stop wishing for a brighter, healthier smile and start acting on it! Call A Downtown Dental Group today at 808-797-3680 or request an appointment online with your restorative dentist in Honolulu today.