Get The Best Of Both Worlds With Mini Dental Implants

Are you interested in dental implants but not interested in the price tag? Ask about mini dental implants at your next visit to our Honolulu, HI dentist office. It is the solution that’s making smiles possible for people all over the islands.

Mini dental implants are a perfect option for patients who can’t or don’t want to have standard implants. They have the same structure as dental implants but are smaller. Because of this, they can be placed more quickly than standard implants.

Get A Same-Day Smile With Mini Dental Implants

If you have dentures or need them, you are probably concerned about them slipping around in your mouth. You’re in luck! Both standard and mini implants eliminate denture slippage. Check out a few of the other benefits of mini implants:

  • Because mini dental implants heal more quickly, you can enjoy a new smile the same day your implants are placed.
  • Because mini implants are an artificial tooth root system specifically made to hold dentures in place, you can eat without fear.
  • Because your dentures will snap right onto the implants, you don’t have to have them refitted constantly.

Find Out If Mini Dental Implants Are Right For You

You may be wondering why anyone would ever opt for traditional dental implants if mini implants can do the same work! While mini dental implants are fantastic, they are not right for everyone. They are great for patients whose bone is narrow, for example, but that doesn’t make them the best option for every patient. In fact, the only way we would know for sure is to evaluate your jawbone and your desires for your new smile.

It’s time to find out how we can improve your smile with dental implants. Give us a call at 808-797-3680 to find out how these tooth root replacements can improve your smile for the rest of your life! You can also contact us using an online form. Don’t delay!

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