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Meet The Father-Son Team At A Downtown Dental Group

Dr. Wilfred A. Miyasaki

As a child growing up in Waipahu, Dr. Wilfred Miyasaki spent a lot of time at the dentist because he was often inflicted with cavities. He knew as a child that he wanted to become a dentist to make dental visits more pleasurable for others. For Dr. Miyasaki, it has always been about helping the patients. He challenges himself daily to further understand what his patients really want – their ...

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Dr. David Miyasaki

After spending his whole life around the dental industry, Dr. David Miyasaki decided to go into the family business. After a 10-year journey that resulted in a Bachelor of Science from the University of Washington, dental school at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, and a residency at the UCLA School of Dentistry, he returned to Honolulu in 2014 to join the family practice. David has ...

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