Having a healthy mouth is a key part of having a healthy body. That’s why our Honolulu dental office, located conveniently on Bethel Street, is here to offer restorative dentistry and even tooth replacement options. Your teeth help you maintain a healthier diet.

At A Downtown Dental Group, we’re helping patients overcome their issues with missing teeth by using dental implants. We can offer an in-depth consultation for you whenever you call us at 808-797-3680.

Dental implants are the strongest tooth replacement options available in dentistry. Dentists began offering dental implants a few decades ago, and now we have perfected dental implant placement and restorations. Today, we want to list 5 major benefits of dental implants.

1. You Can Eat Whatever You Want Again

Having a removable denture often makes it impossible to eat the food you love. This is because dentures rest on the gums and are not fixed in place. That means your teeth can shift around whenever you eat, laugh, or even speak. So while we can achieve a great fit with modern removable dentures, a denture is no longer the most function tooth replacement option.

Dental implants are the most reliable and strongest tooth replacement option because the implants are placed in the bone. Once the implant has healed, it can then be restored with a crown, bridge, or denture.

2. They Become Part of Your Body

Dental implants are the strongest tooth replacement option because they merge with the jawbone. We are using a biocompatible metal, titanium, for our implants. We place the implants and allow them to merge with the jawbone over the span of about three to four months. The implant will merge with and preserve the jawbone.

Whenever the teeth are lost, the jawbone will begin to recede. This is why people with removable dentures often develop wrinkles around their mouth. Also, as the jawbone resorbs, the dimension between the chin and nose grows closer. The dental implants will help maintain your natural appearance.

3. We Don’t Need to Restore Other Teeth

Having a dental implant can sometimes be the less invasive treatment, especially if you have just one missing tooth. A missing tooth will create an unnatural gap in your smile. For decades, the most common way to treat a missing tooth was a dental bridge. A bridge is a restoration that fills the gap created by the missing tooth, but to fix the single missing tooth, we’ll need a three-unit bridge system. We’ll need to restore two healthy teeth to support the unit.

Anytime we prepare teeth, we risk doing further damage to the tooth. Placing dental implants, while technically oral surgery, only addresses the problem of the missing tooth or failing tooth. Most patients prefer the implant over the bridge because they don’t have the worry about how their other teeth will be affected.

4. Implants are Highly Successful

Many of my patients hear the term “oral surgery” or dental implants and don’t quite know what to think. It can be tough to explain, especially when the patients know little or nothing about dental implants.

Our dental implants are durable, strong, and almost anyone is a candidate for dental implants. You just need to be in good overall health and have enough jawbone to support the implants. With decades of innovation and technology working in our favor, we can now place dental implants with a more than 98 percent success rate.

5. Implants Can Last a Lifetime

Our teeth take a lot of abuse throughout the years. We use our teeth hundreds of times through the day. It’s possible for our teeth to chip, crack, or outright fracture. If that happens, we’ll need a certain and long-term solution. Dental implants are that solution for many. Unlike your natural teeth, dental implants can last forever and do not get cavities. Once the implant is in place, the only thing you’ll have to worry about the restoration.

It’s possible that you’re facing some major dental problems that dental implants can fix. Loose dentures, bad dentures, or missing teeth can change your life in a negative way. Dental implants can give you back your smile and allow you to eat whatever you want again. Give us a call today at 808-797-3680 to schedule your treatment. You can also use our online contact form to request an appointment.