If you’re getting dentures, you may be worried about how they will fit and feel. But if your replacement teeth are attached to dental implants, there’s no need to be concerned. Implant dentures feel and function almost exactly like your natural teeth. 

To see if you’re a candidate for dental implant dentures, call A Downtown Dental Group today at 808-797-3680. In the meantime, see some of the reasons these teeth replacements may be right for you:

  • Your Teeth Won’t Shift – Once dental implants are placed in your jaw, your bone fuses to them. So when dentures are attached to them, your teeth won’t slip out of place. You’ll talk and laugh without a care! You’ll also never need adhesive. 
  • Your Jaw Remains Strong – Your implants function like tooth roots. So they not only keep your new teeth in place, they stimulate bone growth in your jaw. This means your jaw won’t shrink and make you look older before your time. 
  • You Won’t Have Sore Spots – With teeth that won’t move, you won’t have to worry about sore spots on your gums. Your new teeth are so comfortable, you may just forget you are wearing them. 
  • Your Diet Won’t Need to Change – Dental implant dentures give you much more chewing power than conventional dentures. You’ll be able to eat virtually anything, including foods like apples and steak. 
  • Maintenance Is Easy – Some implant dentures are removable, while others stay fixed in place. Depending on the kind of teeth you choose, your cleaning routine may be nothing more than simple brushing and flossing. You also won’t need relining treatments to maintain your dentures’ comfortable fit. 

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