Do you have all your holiday lights around the house and tree? We love the glow of Christmas lights around Honolulu in December. We also love the glow we see on patients’ faces when they whiten their teeth with our professional whitening. Their smile shines and spreads joy every time they share it. And it makes them feel good about themselves!

To brighten your smile, call our award-winning cosmetic dentists soon, 808-797-3680. With only a couple of weeks left in the year, appointments are filling up fast. Below you can see how whitening can help you for the holidays.

Get White Teeth On Your Schedule

We know people are busy, but especially so this time of year. That’s why we give our patients two whitening choices – in-office whitening and at home whitening. Each are convenient in their own right.

With Zoom in-office whitening, you can brighten your smile in about an hour, leaving with teeth that are up to eight shades whiter. With Zoom at-home whitening, you can take home trays and gel and whiten teeth when it’s convenient for you, whether you’re doing some online shopping, decorating the tree, or watching a Christmas movie with the family.

Get Better Results Than Store-Bought Whitening Kits

Zoom contains a high percentage of hydrogen peroxide, the active ingredient for this whitening system. Whitening kits and toothpastes in the store or online can’t contain as much of the whitening ingredient as professional whitening at the dentist, so they don’t brighten your teeth as much – or keep your teeth bright as long.

Even with such high-strength whitening power, you don’t have to worry about sensitivity like you would with OTC products. Zoom has built-in ingredients that minimize sensitivity. You get the benefits of powerful whitening without the side effects.

Look Younger & Healthier

Dull, yellow, and stained teeth age us. That’s because we associate dark teeth with older age. We also think people don’t take care of their teeth if they don’t look bright and clean. With a white smile, you can look healthier and younger. That pays off in person and in photos during the holiday festivities.

Make A Great Impression

Chances are you’ll be around a lot of people during the holidays, whether at a Christmas or New Year’s party, a church service, or a family gathering with extended family you haven’t seen in years. Maybe you’re meeting your partner’s family for the first time! Regardless, a bright, beautiful smile can make a good impression.

Give You A Mini Makeover With A Mini Investment

Not everyone needs extensive work to change their appearance. Consider celebrities – many look great simply because of their white teeth. You can make a big difference for your smile and overall appearance with whitening, and it doesn’t cost a lot of time or money. If it inspires you to enhance your smile further in the future, we have plenty of options.

Want to brighten your smile? Get your sparkling smile soon when you call A Downtown Dental Group at 808-797-3680. You can also request your appointment in Honolulu online.

Here’s to your joyful, bright holiday season and bright smile!