We see a lot of patients who wished they had straight teeth but don’t want braces. Some never had the chance to get braces when they were younger. Some never wanted to commit to the time frame orthodontics requires, especially knowing that for years, metal would show in their mouth every time they smile. Some had braces but have seen their teeth move since then. Some have the dream smile they want with that one exception of even teeth. That’s why we offer Invisalign aligners in Honolulu.

These orthodontic aligners change everything you know about braces. They don’t use metal. They come out. They don’t take as long as braces, in most cases. And they’re clear. We’ve even had adult patients in their 70s get that smile they always wanted with Invisalign treatment.

See if you might be a good candidate for Invisalign aligners by taking our brief quiz below. Then call A Downtown Dental Group at 808-797-3680 for a free consultation or free second opinion with Dr. Miyasaki or Dr. David. You can also contact us online to request your appointment.