When you have damage in your smile, things can be tough. Those chips and cracks tend to get worse over time, so what might be a small annoyance now can easily turn into something that threatens your dental health. And if you’re missing a tooth, then your smile is incomplete and not very attractive.

Thankfully, you can call our Honolulu, HI dental office today at 808-797-3680 to make an appointment for dental crowns. These restorative dentistry treatments can repair damaged teeth, replace lost ones, and make your whole smile look better. Our Honolulu dentists are highly skilled and experienced in using dental crowns to work hard for your smile.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Basically, a dental crown is a cap for one of your teeth. But it’s much more than that.

Before you get a dental crown, our Honolulu dentists will carefully measure your teeth. Using this data, a dental crown will be made to look like a healthy version of the tooth it will cover. It even feels like healthy enamel.

Given our Honolulu dentists’ training and expertise, a dental crown procedure is routine. Once the dental crown is complete, our team will start by thoroughly cleaning the tooth. Then a small layer of enamel is removed from the tooth. This helps the dental crown sit flush with your other teeth and look natural in your smile. Finally, the crown is artfully bonded over your tooth.

How Dental Crowns Work For Your Smile

When it comes to working for your smile, dental crowns can do a lot for you. But here are probably the biggest benefits you can enjoy when you get a dental crown from A Downtown Dental Group.


Enamel is armor for your teeth. It protects the nerve endings located deep inside your tooth. Otherwise, chewing would be painful. But your teeth can grow weaker over time. This can happen if a tooth gets damaged, but it can happen with teeth grinding as well because this wears down the enamel. A malocclusion (a bite where the teeth hit against each other the wrong way) can also give you weaker teeth.

By calling our Honolulu dentists today, you can make an appointment to protect those weakened teeth with dental crowns. Because they’re caps that cover your teeth, dental crowns will add a layer of protection.


There are several ways you can damage one or more of your teeth. Sports injuries or car accidents are two big reasons, but sometimes you just have a bad fall and land hard. Even though enamel is very durable, it can get chipped or cracked. Then there are cavities, which are holes in your enamel.

If you leave these alone for too long, they can get worse and worse. That’s why you need to call our Honolulu dentists today at 808-797-3680 to get dental crowns. These will seal a damaged tooth so no one can see the damage. Even better, they prevent the damage from getting any worse.


As the years pass by, all that time spent eating and drinking can start to give your teeth some cosmetic problems. You could have worn down the biting edges of your teeth, making them look uneven. Then there are the stains your teeth collect from dark food and drink (coffee, chocolate, etc.). Some people even get dense white stains deep in their enamel that teeth whitening cannot reach.

Thankfully, you can call A Downtown Dental Group to beautify these teeth with dental crowns. They cover the entire visible part of your teeth. Since they’re made to look and feel like healthy enamel, they’ll cover all such imperfections so your smile looks amazing.


What’s worse than having a damaged, unsightly tooth? When you lose that tooth. It doesn’t matter if it was knocked out or it had to be removed, as you’re still left with a dark, very noticeable gap in your smile. Without a tooth there, you can have trouble chewing and your other teeth can slide out of alignment.

By calling our Honolulu dentists today, you can even replace lost teeth with dental crowns. There are two restorative dentistry treatments that use dental crowns as replacement teeth. Dental bridges are nonsurgical, while dental implants are very long-lasting.

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