Tooth loss changes your life a lot, and definitely not for the better. You know this if you’ve been coping with the loss of one or more teeth, especially if you’re dealing with poor tooth replacement that simply doesn’t get you the function you want.

We know how miserable living with dentures can be, which is why we’d love to help you ditch them for good. Using dental implants we can give you permanent teeth that you never have to worry about again! Our Honolulu dentist office would love to tell you about all the advantages of dental implants – but we only have room for a few of them in this blog post!

Never Be Embarrassed By Your Teeth Again

Have you ever experienced an unfortunate incident involving misbehaving dentures? They fall out, they slip out of place when you chew, and even smiling can be taking a chance. We’ve heard of far too many cases of our patients being humiliated by their dentures, and we want to put a stop to it.

Dental implants anchor crowns and bridges to your gums permanently. They consist of small titanium posts that act just like the roots of natural teeth. When healed and restored they’re just as strong, stable, and permanent as the real thing!

Imagine having a teeth replacement that you could totally rely on – that’s what dental implants offer.

End The Stress

When you wear dentures, whether partial or full, you have to spend a lot of mental energy thinking about them. Are they in the right spot? Is your food cut up small enough? Can you even eat that item?

All of those constant worries and concerns are taxing on your mental health and happiness. A lot of patients we see have almost completely given up on their dentures – they only use them when they really have to. The result of that kind of surrender is a limited social life, trouble being happy, and a future of missed family gatherings and social events – no one deserves that.

Dental implants allow you to live without the worry. Did you ever need to think about your teeth when you had a fully natural smile? Not at all – you simply lived your life safe in the knowledge that your teeth would be there when you needed them!

Eat Better, Be Healthier

Malnutrition is one of the biggest problems plaguing denture wearers, and there’s a pretty obvious reason for it: you simply can’t eat as well as you should or would like to! Dentures leave you with a fraction of the bite force that you had with natural teeth, and that means a lot of foods are completely off the table.

With implants you’ll get around 90 percent of your natural bite force back. That means you’ll be able to eat most everything without any concerns. Do you remember the last time you bit into an apple, a burger, or chewed on chips without concern? Get ready to welcome those times back with dental implants.

Live A Simpler, Less Cluttered Life

Most denture wearers have similar bathroom situations: denture clutter everywhere! All the supplies you need to properly care for dentures get to taking up a lot of space, and for what? A passingly acceptable level of comfort and function!

A full mouth dental implant solution is always in your mouth, so you can dump all that stuff right in the garbage. When you wear dental implants you’ll wake up with a smile and brush your teeth just like you used do, hassle free.

Eliminate Irritation

Have your dentures ever irritated your gums? If not, you’re lucky! Countless denture wearers suffer from redness, inflammation, sores, and pain in their gums from wearing dentures all day, every day. Your gums simply aren’t meant to handle that kind of constant force and pressure – but your jawbone is.

Implants are anchored to your jaw like natural teeth, so the forces of chewing go where they’re supposed to. Implants won’t cause irritation or discomfort like dentures do: they’ll feel like chewing with natural teeth.

Let Us Help You Live Better!

Dental implants can rewind time and take you back to an era when you were able to chew, eat, and live without constant worry over your mouth. If you want to get back to those comfortable, happy times then your choice is simple: call A Downtown Dental Group today!

You can reach our Honolulu office by calling 808-797-3680 or you can request an appointment online. We look forward to seeing you soon!