Your life hasn’t been the same since you lost your teeth.

At first, you thought you could get by without replacing them. Then, you started to understand how much more difficult life can be without a full set of healthy teeth.

Speaking clearly is more challenging than you may have expected. Eating has become frustrating, especially with some of your favorite foods. Trying to bite or chew certain things has proven to be too much for you.

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What Could Happen

Missing teeth affect much more than your oral health. They can have a detrimental impact on your overall health and your emotional well-being as well.

Without teeth, you can become hesitant to share your smile. That alters how you present yourself when meeting other people and how they perceive you. You want to make a good first impression, but if you are unwilling to smile in front of new people, they will remember that.

When you feel confident about the appearance of your teeth, you don’t spend mental energy thinking about how you can try to hide them. Instead, you are able to greet people, enjoy a meal, and engage in conversation without worrying that people are judging your smile.

When you can’t bite or chew your food, it put a big limit on your diet. Sure, you can still eat mashed potatoes, pudding, and soup. Even if you like those foods, you need to be able to eat fruits and vegetables to get the nutrients that your body needs. You also want to be able to chew a piece of steak or chicken or take a bite of a piece of pizza. You should be able to eat food that you enjoy, too.

Last but not least, you should feel confident about your smile. Getting replacement teeth with implants can have you feeling like you have a full set of healthy teeth again.

How to Avoid the Problems

Implants give you a way to regain what your missing teeth have taken away from you.

Modern implants act as roots for your replacement teeth. They are placed in your jaw, which has multiple benefits for you.

First, your implants make your new teeth more secure. This gives you the confidence that your teeth won’t shift around when you try to speak.

Second, your implants put strength into your bite. They create a direct connection from your jaw to your restorations. That is what allows you to generate more power. It’s also why you are able to bite into things like apples and corn on the cob or chew steak and chicken.

Third, your implants prevent bone loss in your jaw. That means you can count on long-term stability for your replacement teeth.

Recreate What You’ve Lost

You know the solution to deal with your missing teeth. Now, come see our team for your dental implants in Honolulu, HI. 

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