As you shuffle around to practices, lessons, and games preparing for your favorite summer sports season, remember that protecting your smile should be a top priority.
In our Honolulu, HI dental office, we offer custom-made athletic mouthguards you need to include in your gym bag, along with all your other sporting equipment!

The Best Athletic Mouthguards Come From A Dentist!

You might think you’re doing yourself a favor by grabbing a convenient, but mass-produced, athletic mouthguard from a local store.
But even the ‘boil-and-bite’ kind can’t give you near the protection you really need to keep you safe from potentially traumatic injuries and dental emergencies.
Only an experienced dentist, like Dr. Miyasaki at A Downtown Dental Group, can give you that!

If You Play These Sports, You Need A Mouthguard!

Dr. Miyasaki and our team know how important it is for athletes to be able to concentrate on the game and feel comfortable while playing. That’s why we take precise measurements so your custom mouthguard stays firmly in place to protect your teeth and gums and other vulnerable areas around your mouth, including your jaw and head.
We’re listing a few popular sports that warrant an athletic mouthguard that fits you properly and does the job it’s meant to do, which is keep your smile safe.

*If You Play Softball Or Baseball*

Baseball and softball have, in recent years, turned into year-round sports.
Not only are there indoor batting and training facilities, but kids and adults alike participate in intramural leagues, travel teams, and school seasons.
To keep your teeth and gums safe from a pop fly, a sneaky curveball, a miscommunication with another player resulting in a bodily collision, as well as swinging bats, you need a mouthguard that won’t shift around at the worst possible time!

*If You Train Or Compete In Boxing*

This isn’t necessarily an activity specific to the summer months, but given the fact that it takes place indoors makes it a sport that demands protection all year long.
Boxing is very dangerous, mostly for the trauma one can be subjected to with blunt contact to the head, face, and mouth.
If this is your sport of choice, a customized mouthguard is an essential piece of equipment.

*If You Practice Martial Arts*

Every martial artist faces the same danger, and that’s dodging hands and feet in this hand-to-hand combat sport.
A mouthguard is especially helpful in letting you focus on the art itself rather than keeping your mouth safe from direct blows.

*If You Play Field Or Ice Hockey*

The competition is fierce with this particular sport. It’s a rough and tumble kind of game, and that’s true on the field or in the rink.
Hockey sticks, pucks, balls, and bodies are all moving together in chaotic huddles and putting your teeth and gums at a high risk for injury.

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