Support replacement teeth with dental implants in Honolulu, HI. Your implants are like new roots to make your restorations as secure as they can be.

You can improve your quality of life with implants at A Downtown Dental Group. Call 808-797-3680 to get the benefits of your new teeth. 

Improved Eating

You will enjoy a wide variety of foods without restrictions. Eat all the food you want, and don’t worry about biting into apples or chewing steak.

Stable Smiles

In time, traditional dentures become loose. They can slip and slide inside your mouth. By getting implants, you will anchor your restoration in place. This will keep your new teeth from shifting.

Easy Maintenance

Dental implants are simple to protect. Brush and flossing daily (just like with real teeth). Also, remember to visit us a few times each year for checkups.

Consult either of our doctors to determine which implant option best suits your needs.

Call 808-797-3680 or request your appointment online at A Downtown Dental Group. Get your dental implants in Honolulu, HI.