Did you hear that strange buzzing sound?

No, it’s not the mosquitoes. It was the sound of Cupid’s arrow whizzing past and missing you entirely.
I assume that your Valentine’s Day didn’t go as well as you wanted it to. It’s the same old story of disappointment and embarrassment – and all of it because of your smile.

There’s a lot to be ashamed about there. Crooked teeth, perhaps. Or maybe you have discolored teeth, or suffer from gapped or chipped teeth. There is a lot that can wrong with a smile, and unfortunately yours is no exception.
The pain and shamefulness that come from oral health problems can make it extremely difficult to enjoy the intimacy of such a special night like Valentine’s Day – not to mention make it difficult to enjoy any type of closeness no matter what day of the year it is.

Yet because of your procrastination, you couldn’t save your smile in time for that big romantic date, and so your Valentine’s Day chemistry kind of just fizzled out another year in a row.

But I have some good news for you. Even though your Valentine’s Day wasn’t all that it could have been thanks to your unsightly smile, that means you have more than enough time to improve your grin before it comes around next year.
Specifically, the solution you need is what is known as a smile makeover, and my practice specializes in rejuvenating the elements that make up smiles of all shapes and sizes.

A New, Tailor-made Smile

Your smile has unique needs. There doesn’t exist a one-size-fits-all treatment to fix all of my patients’ smiles. That is because the needs of one smile might not match up with the needs of another.

A smile makeover, then, involves tailoring one or more treatments to fix and ultimately enhance your smile to unimaginably greater heights!

If you have crooked or badly misaligned teeth, for example, then you might need the smile-correcting benefits of Invisalign clear braces therapy. If you have minor gaps, or slightly crooked teeth, then all you might need is a simple tooth bonding process, which can take just one afternoon to perform. It all depends on your smile.
Before I can perform any of those treatments, there is one crucial first step that cannot be avoided: A consultation appointment and examination.

You are as much a part of the process as your teeth or gums, and I need your input to ensure that the results you get are the results that you want. Then, and only then, can I chart a course for your new and improved smile.
Once we have plotted our strategy, I can begin scheduling the necessary steps to revitalize your smile, one procedure at a time. Again, depending on your unique needs, you may require just one procedure, or several.

You cannot put a price tag on your self-esteem. Letting another year pass you by without addressing the needs of your smile is not only a guaranteed path to repeating the same shame and frustration that colored this year’s Valentine’s Day, but it could lead to several serious conditions that will rob you of good oral health.

A dental makeover isn’t just cosmetic dentistry: Many of the procedures involved will also improve the health of your smile. For example, if you have a crooked smile, then you already know how difficult it can be to properly brush and floss them.

In time, bacteria like plaque can build up in those hard-to-reach spots, and before you know it, come next Valentine’s Day you could be suffering from a case of advanced gum disease.

By choosing to receive a makeover right away, you could be preventing a serious condition from developing that could result in the loss of one or more teeth. Try to imagine making it to Valentine’s Day 2017 with a few missing teeth, and tell me that it was worth saving a few pennies.

You don’t have to continue letting your smile hold you back. All it takes is one simple phone call, and you can take advantage of 365 days’ worth of vibrant smiles!

To make your initial consultation appointment and get your smile makeover underway please call me at 808-797-3680. You can also request an appointment with my office online by filling out this questionnaire.

With a smile makeover, you can make sure that the only “whizzing” sound you hear next Valentine’s Day is the sound of Cupid’s arrow finally hitting its mark!