Is Invisalign Or Fastbraces Better For Your Smile?

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Adults deserve straight, aligned teeth as much as teenagers. Even if you had orthodontic treatments as a teen, your teeth could now be a bit crooked and uneven. That’s because you put your teeth through a lot every day with all that chewing.

Call our Honolulu, HI dental office today at 808-797-3680 and schedule your next appointment for orthodontics. But you will need to make a tough choice: Should you go with Invisalign or Fastbraces?

Why Adults Need Orthodontic Treatment

The most obvious reason you need orthodontic treatment is to have a better-looking smile. With crooked teeth, you can feel a bit self-conscious talking to people. Your self-esteem can even be lower. Both Invisalign and Fastbraces will give you straight, aligned teeth so your smile looks great again.

However, it’s not just about looks. A crooked smile comes with health problems as well.

  • Your jaw can be a problem. If it’s not aligned correctly, it can get irritated each time you chew. Over time, this can lead to jaw stiffness, pain, and TMJ disorder.
  • If your teeth are not aligned properly, they could wear down the enamel in spots. These weak points can make it easier to get cavities or chips.
  • With crooked teeth, it can be easier to get food stuck between them. This increases your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

That’s why you need to call A Downtown Dental Group today and schedule your first orthodontic appointment. You can get a beautiful smile, but you also help improve your dental health. Two-for-one is a great deal.

Fastbraces Explained

Traditionally, braces are used as the go-to orthodontic treatment. You might have even used metal braces when you were younger. They work very well at repositioning your teeth and jaw, but there is one big drawback: the time. Traditional braces normally take 2-3 years before you can finally get them taken off.

This is where Fastbraces can help. Instead of the traditional brackets, Fastbraces uses modern ones that are uniquely shaped. They help move the whole tooth (the visible part and the root), not just the visible part or crown. This shortens the time you’ll need to wear them. Some people are done with their Fastbraces in months, not years!

Fastbraces are still braces, so you will still get metal brackets and wires. That means it can cut the inside of your mouth and is very visible, even when you just yawn. You’ll also have restrictions on what you can eat so you don’t damage your Fastbraces.

Invisalign Explained

Invisalign certainly does not look like an orthodontic treatment, but it’s a very modern one. You won’t get any metal, brackets, or wires with this. Instead, you get clear plastic aligners. These are like thin mouthguards for your teeth, but they fit more comfortably and closely. Each aligner is a bit different. By wearing them in order, you gently guide your teeth and jaw to where they belong.

Because they’re made from a smooth plastic, there’s nothing to catch on the inside of your mouth. Even better, Invisalign clear aligners are almost invisible when worn. Instead of seeing metal, people will see your real teeth.

Invisalign normally takes a year or so before it’s complete. Sometimes, it cannot help with very severe problems with teeth and jaws. That said, most people can get great Invisalign results.

Which Is Best For You?

If your only concern is to get straight teeth, then you can go with either Invisalign or Fastbraces. That’s because they are both modern orthodontic treatments that gently reposition your teeth and jaw. But you may have other points that are important.

  • If you don’t want to have metal braces at your age, then go with Invisalign clear aligners. While fastbraces are normally complete sooner, the clear plastic used by Invisalign is about as discreet as you can get.
  • If you want the orthodontic treatment to be finished soonest, then you probably want to go with Fastbraces. Every person is different, so there are cases where Invisalign could be done more quickly. But as a rule, Fastbraces are just that — fast.
  • If you are active, you probably want Invisalign instead. The metal brackets used by Fastbraces can really hurt if you get hit in the mouth. Invisalign clear aligners are closer to a mouthguard and won’t cause such a problem.

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