Winter doesn’t mean a whole lot here in paradise.
For us, Winter is just a word other people use to describe weather that never happens here. If anything, Winter is just another name for Summer.

When everything is always lush and green, it can be hard to appreciate the concept of a spring cleaning.
Spring cleaning is an important tradition: After being cooped up indoors from the cold, you can open your windows to let the bad air out, and let the fresh air in. All of the clutter that piles up over the winter is organized or tossed out, leaving your home lighter, more orderly, and more beautiful than before.

In a place where it usually feels like summer, this tradition might not mean as much.
But tell me: When’s the last time you had a spring cleaning for your mouth?

If it’s been longer than six months, you’ve been walking around with a kind of winter inside of your mouth. Isn’t it time to open the windows and get your smile cleaned out?

Failing to do so could bury your smile, not in snow, but in harmful bacteria that will, in time, threaten to destroy your teeth and your gums.

The 6 Major Benefits Of Cleaner Teeth and Gums

A professional teeth cleaning has a wide variety of benefits, ranging from the purely cosmetic to the life-saving aspects of early detection.

My staff and I can give your smile the spring cleaning it desperately needs without pain or discomfort. We want you to have the smile smile possible, and offer a variety of different services to help patients reach their goals.
Yet no matter what options they choose, every procedure must require your teeth and gums to be clean and in good shape.
Here are the top six reasons to seek out a thorough, professional teeth cleaning:

  • Brighten your smile – Over time, bacteria can form unsightly plaque on your teeth and gums. By cleaning them with the methods available in my office, I can eliminate any plaque buildup and remove superficial stains that can dampen the brightness of your smile.
  • Prevent smile disasters – When you receive a teeth cleaning from me, you’re getting more than just cleaner teeth and gums: You’re allowing a professional to examine the inside of your mouth for warning signs. I can intercept conditions like gum disease and tooth decay before they spiral out of control and jeopardize the health of your entire mouth.
  • Protect your gums and teeth – As I just said, catching gum disease and tooth decay in the nick of time can be crucial. If you don’t receive a cleaning, then these problems can develop to the point where you can wind up losing multiple teeth.
  • Save your money – Problems that I can catch and treat while they’re still small don’t have the chance to grow into larger, more painful problems down the road. By doing so, you won’t have to endure paying for more expensive procedures that could have been avoided.
  • Disease prevention – Not only can a professional cleaning allow me to catch and fix problems with your oral health, but regular cleanings can prevent your body from developing a number of deadly diseases. Multiple studies have made connections between poor oral health and heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and more. A healthy mouth makes for a healthy body.
  • Lay groundwork for your new smile – By getting your teeth cleaned, you can get your smile prepared for additional work that will enhance your smile above and beyond what it currently is. If you are interested in corrected or enhancing your smile with a cosmetic procedure, then your mouth must be healthy enough to receive the treatment.

I can achieve all of these benefits and more for you, but only if you schedule your first appointment. The longer you wait, the more you could be putting your smile and your life at risk – and by then, the cost of your procrastination could be too great to bear.

To schedule your appointment, please call me at 808-797-3680. You may also request an appointment through my website.

Let your Honolulu dentist let in some fresh air, and call us today!