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Crooked teeth are frustrating. Not only do most people with crooked teeth feel self-conscious about their smile, but they believe fixing the problem will take too long and cost too much. Well, that’s no longer the case when you visit our Honolulu, Hawaii dental office for your orthodontic and general dental care.

A Downtown Dental Group is your dental home for general care, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dental … and now we can straighten your teeth within just a few weeks. The treatment is called Fastbraces, and it’s becoming a popular treatment for our teenage patients and adults. You might have noticed the term “braces” in the brand. The treatment does use braces, BUT you’ll only be wearing the braces for a short period of time.

Here are some bright points of our Fastbraces treatment:

Fastbraces takes a fraction of the time compared with braces

Fastbraces works, well, fast. The reason is because the system uses a special triangular-shape bracket and a super-elastic wire. Traditional braces uses a two-step process to move the teeth. The root of the tooth is moved in one stage, and then the procedure works on the alignment of the crown. Each process can take more than a year, so traditional braces often take two years or even three years to complete. Unfortunately, patients often think traditional braces are the only way to treat crooked teeth.

Fastbraces uses its revolutionary design to drastically move the teeth. The braces begin moving the roots immediately, and patients see results in as little as 10 weeks. Fastbraces only uses one wire throughout the entire course of treatment, so you won’t have to worry about constant wire changes. This also eliminates much of the tenderness that sometimes comes with orthodontics.

Perhaps the most important measurement is also the cost. Fastbraces takes a fraction of the time of conventional braces, and so it is often much more affordable. Other Fastbraces benefits include:

  • No extraction necessary
  • Major tooth movements (some short-term orthodontics only fix minor flaws, but Fastbraces can tackle more moderate orthodontic issues, including bite issues)
  • Less risk of damaging the enamel of the teeth
  • Only wear a retainer for 15 to 20 minutes a day after treatment.

Why Straighten Your Teeth at All

It’s never been easier to achieve a straighter, more beautiful smile. Our culture puts a high value on a great smile. It’s an important part of your social life and personal life. In fact, a study by Kelton (the makers of Invisalign) found that the smile is one of the most important features when it comes to making a great first impression. Here’s an interesting fact from that study:

  • 38 percent of Americans surveyed said they would not consider a second date with someone who has crooked teeth.
  • The study also found that people with straight teeth, compared with those who has alignment issues, are more likely to get hired for a job and even be wealthy.

So, do straight teeth only benefit how you look and how others judge you? It might seem that way, but there is more about orthodontics than meets the eye. Straight teeth have a number of benefits, aside from looking better and helping boost your confidence. We shouldn’t ignore the importance of those, but here are a few more things straight teeth can do for your smile:

  • Make your mouth healthier — Straight teeth are easier to clean because harmful acids and plaque have fewer places to hide.
  • Reduced risk of dental trauma — Teeth that do not come together perfectly have a higher risk of chipping or breaking. That risk decreases whenever you balance your smile with orthodontics.
  • Improved jaw health — A bad bite can cause serious tenderness in the jaw, or the temporomandibular joint (connects the jaw and skull). Some patients with bad bites even grid or clench their teeth — which can wear down the teeth and increase the risk of few tooth problems.

Let us Straighten Your Smile

If you’re ready for a better-looking smile, it’s possible that you can benefit from Fastbraces. Imagine waking up in just a few weeks with perfect, straight teeth. It can happen! Just give us a call today at 808-670-1258 to schedule your first visit with us.

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