Are you dreading Valentine’s Day again?

Most people usually look forward to it – romance, a night on the town, a luxurious dinner, and more … what’s not to like?

Well, most people aren’t as self-conscious about their smiles as you are, and on Valentine’s Day, it’s all about confidence and beauty. Unfortunately, confidence and beauty aren’t the words that you would use to describe the state of your current smile.

Brown, yellowed, or otherwise discolored teeth have been holding you back from the kind of intimacy you want out of that perfect Valentine’s date, and it’s causing you no small amount of anxiety when you think about how you’re going to hide your smile for yet another year.

With the big night just two weeks away, you are probably more resigned than ever about doing something to improve the quality and color of your dingy grin.

And on an island with so many beautiful people, it seems like your smile’s shortcomings stand out that much more by contrast.

With all of that to consider, I can completely understand why you feel the way that you do – but I disagree with you when it comes to that sense of defeat you have.

Sure, time is running out on you and your smile in advance of the big night, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost.
Two weeks sounds like a short amount of time to whiten your smile – but what if all you needed was one day to achieve your new, perfect smile?

That’s exactly what I’m offering you, and the treatment will take just one afternoon of your time for a more brilliant smile that will last well beyond Valentine’s Day!

Zoom!® In-Office Whitening For The Quickest Results

It’s not too good to be true; it’s yet another miracle of modern technology.
Yet unlike the Internet or smartphones, the technology behind Zoom!® whitening is as simple as it is effective.

Simply put, your new Zoom!® smile begins with a consultation appointment in our downtown Honolulu offices. A few applications of Zoom!® whitening gel will be applied to the surface of your teeth to penetrate stains that over-the-counter whitening solutions can’t hope to eliminate.

That’s because the active ingredients contained in Zoom!® whitening are present in a higher concentration, resulting in brighter, whiter teeth in a fraction of the time. Zoom!® goes after deep-seated stains that are known as “intrinsic” stains, which are caused by certain foods, drinks, and even smoking, which can penetrate the outer layers of the tooth. The process is aided by a special whitening lamp that helps activate the special whitening ingredients contained in the gel.

As for those over-the-counter solutions? They don’t contain near the amount of active ingredients as my Zoom!® treatment does. As a result, they can only eliminate “extrinsic” stains, which are just the most superficial type of stains your teeth can get.

What’s more those cheap, over-the-counter whitening products take anywhere from a couple of weeks to even months before you will notice any marked improvement. You simply don’t have the time to waste on an inferior product that can’t guarantee the whitest possible smile.

With Zoom!® whitening, all it takes is one afternoon treatment and your teeth will be the most brilliant they have ever been!

All it takes is a simple consultation appointment to determine if you can benefit from this miraculous whitening procedure, and I can treat you in just a matter of hours.

You can finally meet Valentine’s Day with the right amount of self-esteem and beauty that it takes to make the most of it. There will be no need to experience that familiar shame which has always plagued you, and if you choose to receive the treatment, you won’t have to.

If you don’t, then you’ll just have the same types of disappointments you’ve had to suffer through in the past.

So I urge to make the right choice and embrace the kind of radiance and vitality that my Zoom!® in-office whitening treatment can give you – but you have to call now, or else you might not be able to secure an appointment in time!

I can be reached at 808-797-3680. Additionally, you can request an appointment with my office online by filling out this quick questionnaire.