Enjoy A Fully Functioning Smile With Dental Implants In Hawaii

Damaged and missing teeth don’t have to make your life miserable. With Hawaii dental implants, the professional team at A Downtown Dental Group can improve your quality of life. Thanks to our skilled implant treatment, you’ll soon:

  • Eat all your favorite delicious and nutritious foods again
  • Smile with full confidence knowing that your teeth look great
  • Make better first impressions
  • Improve your oral health and overall health

It’s time to boost your smile using teeth implants. Call us today at 808-797-3680 to schedule an appointment or a complimentary dental implant consultation. Be sure to ask about our sedation options to keep you relaxed during your care.

Recover Your Smile & The Confidence That Goes With It

Dental implants are unsurpassed in their ability to replace missing teeth and give our patients hope for a more fulfilling life. These artificial teeth roots are made from titanium and can be embedded into your jaw by your dentist to serve as a base for replacement teeth. Drs. Wilfred and David Miyasaki have many dental implant options to give you back your smile. We’ll help you decide on the best treatment for your situation, which could include:

  • A Single Implant With a Crown – We’ll restore single teeth using an implant and beautiful porcelain crown crafted in-house.
  • An Implant Bridge – Our porcelain specialist can make you a bridge that will anchor to two or more implants to fill in any gaps in your smile.
  • Implant Dentures – Your new teeth will stay firmly attached to dental implants with either a metal bar or a system of snaps and balls.
  • Mini Dental Implants – These implants can be used in tight spaces in your mouth or when your jawbone isn’t strong enough for standard implants.
  • All-on-4® or All-on-6 Implants – Using just four or six implants per arch, we can give you back full rows of beautiful teeth.

Don’t continue living with missing teeth! Hawaii dental implants can give you back your confidence and bite. Call A Downtown Dental Group today at 808-797-3680 to schedule your free consultation.