Dental Implants From The Best Dentist in Honolulu, Hi

The loss of a tooth can be a major hit to a person’s confidence and overall well-being. Dental implants are a person’s best option in restoring their confidence after they have lost a tooth. Implants give a patient a brand-new tooth! Made to mimic real teeth in all ways, including the root system, implants are an incredible way to restore your smile back to its former look, feel, and function.

The Benefits Of Getting Implants

Replacing missing teeth is always a good idea. When you don’t replace a missing tooth, the rest of your teeth start to shift. Leaving your smile with missing teeth is a sure bet to lower your oral health as well as overall health. Getting those teeth replaced will immediately start the process toward becoming more healthy.

There is no denying that oral health affects a person’s overall bodily health. So, when replacing missing teeth, keep in mind that the most sturdy, long-term, best-looking option is dental implants. Dental implants are made to be durable. When they are put into a patient’s mouth, they will provide no limitations when it comes to chewing food.

Types Of Implants

At A Downtown Dental Group, our dentist in Honolulu offers several different types of implants. The implants that we offer include standard implants, All on 4, All on 6, implant-retained and implant-supported dentures, and mini implants. The benefit that all of these implants share is the replacement of the tooth’s roots by placing a titanium root in the jaw. You’ll be pleased with your beautiful implants!

Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are a fairly new advancement in types of dental implants. Their purpose is typically to benefit those with dentures. Instead of dealing with loose dentures all of the time, mini implants are put in to hold the dentures firmly in place. With mini dental implants, the days of worrying about your dentures when sitting down for a meal are over.

The procedure for mini dental implants is very similar to that of traditional dental implants. Afterward, you can typically fit the dentures right in and use them from that point on!

All on 4 & All on 6 Dentures

Implant-retained dentures are an effective way to replace missing teeth. With our All on 4 or All on 6 implant method, we can secure your dentures using just 4 or 6 implants, respectively. Your smile will be restored by permanent dentures that can be treated just like natural teeth. There are no restrictions when it comes to food or ways to clean them. For a beautifully comfortable experience with implant-retained dentures, try All on 4 or All on 6 dentures!

Just Like The Real Thing

Our dentist in Honolulu and his staff take great care in making sure that your implant restorations perfectly resemble the natural teeth that surround them. There are a number of ways that we make our restorations look like real teeth, with perhaps the most important factor being the material. Porcelain, in Dr. Miyasaki’s 35 years of experience, is the best material to use.

At A Downtown Dental Group, there is always a porcelain expert on site to match the color of your implants’ crowns or bridges to the color of your natural teeth. This saves you time by not having to go to another office to have a porcelain expert match the implants to your teeth or having to wait for an outside lab to send back your restoration. You will save hours or even days! Not only is your procedure made easier, but you will be hard pressed to find a practice that will do a more careful job with your implant restorations.

Oral Surgery Procedures

To prepare you for your dental implants, dentist in Honolulu offers a variety of oral procedures that will make your experience more satisfactory or even possible at all. We offer bone grafts, sinus lifts, and ridge augmentation as ways to make your implant experience better. We want to make sure that your smile is a confident smile after we are finished with you.

The Only Stop For Dental Implants

Typically, when dental implants are done, one office places the implant in the patient’s mouth and another office takes care of the restoration of the implants. At A Downtown Dental Group, we take care of every step of the process of getting implants in our office! Just think of how much time is saved when you can have every step done in the same location, here in the heart of downtown Honolulu. We are in a convenient location for Honolulu, Waikiki, Oahu or Makiki residents. If you’re in need of implants, think of A Downtown Dental Group, an elite choice in dental implants.

For superb dental implants in the heart of downtown Honolulu, contact us by calling 808-797-3680 or through our online contact form. We want to see you smile!