Preventive Dentistry From The Best Dentist in Honolulu, HI

Drs. Wilfred and David Miyasaki and their staff work hard in the field of preventive dentistry in order to fend off the many problems that can arise with our patients, both young and old. Dental patients in the areas of downtown Honolulu, Waikiki, Oahu, and Makiki can expect to find cutting edge and safe procedures at our dental practice. We offer DIAGNOdent to detect tooth decay, sealants to prevent tooth decay, fluoride varnish, nutritional counseling, and cleanings and exams.

To make sure your mouth stays in great shape after your visit, we can fit athletic patients with mouthguards. Also, come to us with any problems that may occur with grinding your teeth or stiffness or pain in your jaw joint. Look no further for all of your preventive dentistry needs.

Sealants are a great way to make sure that your teeth don’t succumb to decay. Usually reserved for the back teeth, sealants are a thin plastic coating that protects a patient’s teeth from the bacteria that causes decay. Sealants are made to conform to the exact structure of a tooth and in doing so, they protect the tooth.

Nutritional counseling is a service that many of our patients find very beneficial to their overall health. By following a plan laid out by our staff, your oral health, and overall health will be set up for success.

Fluoride is a proven key component in the world of preventive dentistry. By taking just a few minutes out of your visit, a simple fluoride varnish painted onto your teeth can help prevent harmful bacteria from taking hold of your oral health.

Mouthguards save teeth in the world of athletics. Coming in and being fitted for your own custom mouthguard will help save you from making future visits to the dentist with damaged teeth as a result of playing sports.

TMJ treatments are offered to those who have complications from teeth grinding. Grinding your teeth (known as bruxism) can lead to stiffness and pain in the jaw joint as well as damage to your teeth. This common problem for all ages can be fixed with a simple visit to our office. If you know you grind your teeth, schedule an appointment to make sure further problems don’t arise.

Teeth cleanings and exams are the foundations of preventive dentistry. Without these core aspects of dentistry, it would become difficult to catch problems before they arise. Coming in for your cleaning and exam every six months will go a long way in assuring that you have great dental hygiene. Having good dental hygiene is a big step in giving yourself a higher quality of life as well.

Saving The Future You

If you come in for regular visits with the dentist in Honolulu, your chance of having problems with your oral health decreases. When problems do arise, we will be able to fix them quickly and with great care. At A Downtown Dental Group, our preventive dentistry treatments are essential to making sure that your smile is one that gives you confidence.

Are you worried about having common dental problems? We will help you prevent those problems from ever arising at A Downtown Dental Group. Contact your dentist in Honolulu by calling 808-797-3680 or through our online contact form. We want to see you smile!