Want A Great Smile Without The Wait?

What don’t you like about your teeth? No matter what it is you’ve probably spent time wondering how you can fix the problem, but like a lot of people you decide not to do anything. The most common reason? Because everyone assumes cosmetic dentistry takes too long. In many cases it does take a while, but there is a fast cosmetic solution ...

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The Deadly Cost Of Gum Disease

We don’t often think of our mouths as having any direct connection to the health of our bodies, but that couldn’t be less true. The more and more scientific research that goes into studying the mouth-body connection the more we learn about the impact of poor oral health on our bodies. In order for your oral health to affect your health ...

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Surprising Invisalign Benefits

Have you ever thought your smile could use a change? You’re not alone – around 60 percent of adults wish they could do something to change the look of their teeth. For many people that includes straightening their smiles by closing gaps, eliminating a crooked tooth or two, and getting rid of crowding, among other simple cosmetic issues. If ...

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Ditch Your Dentures Permanently!

Tooth loss changes your life a lot, and definitely not for the better. You know this if you’ve been coping with the loss of one or more teeth, especially if you’re dealing with poor tooth replacement that simply doesn’t get you the function you want. We know how miserable living with dentures can be, which is why we’d love to help you ...

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Thaw Your Smile With Dental Implants

Even though there’s always a touch of Spring in the air here in Honolulu, it doesn’t mean you haven’t let any Winter habits go unchallenged. Although the very idea of Winter is a strange one here – if anything, it just means rain to us – there is still a kind of “frozen mindset” that can creep in when it comes to the health and ...

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Spring (Teeth) Cleaning Just Around The Corner

Winter doesn’t mean a whole lot here in paradise. For us, Winter is just a word other people use to describe weather that never happens here. If anything, Winter is just another name for Summer. When everything is always lush and green, it can be hard to appreciate the concept of a spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is an important ...

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Improve Cupid’s Aim With A Smile Makeover

Did you hear that strange buzzing sound? No, it’s not the mosquitoes. It was the sound of Cupid’s arrow whizzing past and missing you entirely. I assume that your Valentine’s Day didn’t go as well as you wanted it to. It’s the same old story of disappointment and embarrassment – and all of it because of your smile. There’s a ...

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Whiter Teeth For Your Valentine

Are you dreading Valentine’s Day again? Most people usually look forward to it – romance, a night on the town, a luxurious dinner, and more … what’s not to like? Well, most people aren’t as self-conscious about their smiles as you are, and on Valentine’s Day, it’s all about confidence and beauty. Unfortunately, confidence and ...

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Dentistry for Diabetics Is Our Passion

Looks can be deceiving. For all of the natural splendor which surrounds us, there is a dark side to living in Hawaii. As home to wonders that can’t be found anywhere else in America, we’re also home to some of the worst rates of diabetes and pre-diabetes in the entire country. The Hawaii office of the American Diabetes Association (or ...

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Aesthetic Dentistry in Paradise

You live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. People all over the world pay a fortune just to get the view from your daily commute. They’ll spend millions of dollars each year, year after year, for a fleeting moment of splendor that you get whenever you step outside your own front door. You can’t blame them for wanting their ...

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