Is Cosmetic Tooth Bonding Right for You?

Sometimes, all you need is a little quick touch-up for your teeth. Whitening is one way to do that, but if your teeth become discolored, chipped, or cracked, you need a dental expert to put things right. Chipped, discolored, or cracked teeth are very common, as are slightly too-large gaps between teeth. In fact, it might be safe to say that ...

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Invisalign® : Unseen, Yet Mighty for Your Teeth

Would you be surprised to know that more than one person in three in the United States is unhappy with the appearance of their teeth? That fact is that small things like excessive gaps between teeth, a single crooked tooth, or even a moderate overbite or underbite can make people horribly self-conscious when they smile. And when the ...

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Challenges And Tips For Diabetes And Dental Care

If you have diabetes, you are already burdened by so many extra things to do. You have to test your blood sugar levels, take medicine or insulin, and be very careful about what you eat. That’s because diabetes has far-reaching effects on your body. But did you know it can impact your dental health as well? Here’s how diabetes can complicate ...

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Who Pays For What? Dental Insurance And You

All things considered, insurance is a great thing. Sure, paying the premiums each month gets old, and there’s always someone with a story about how some insurance company refused to pay. That can happen when you don’t know how insurance works. Some people think that insurance pays for everything, or that there are no limits. Why do people ...

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Want A Great Smile Without The Wait?

What don’t you like about your teeth? No matter what it is you’ve probably spent time wondering how you can fix the problem, but like a lot of people you decide not to do anything. The most common reason? Because everyone assumes cosmetic dentistry takes too long. In many cases it does take a while, but there is a fast cosmetic solution ...

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The Deadly Cost Of Gum Disease

We don’t often think of our mouths as having any direct connection to the health of our bodies, but that couldn’t be less true. The more and more scientific research that goes into studying the mouth-body connection the more we learn about the impact of poor oral health on our bodies. In order for your oral health to affect your health ...

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Surprising Invisalign Benefits

Have you ever thought your smile could use a change? You’re not alone – around 60 percent of adults wish they could do something to change the look of their teeth. For many people that includes straightening their smiles by closing gaps, eliminating a crooked tooth or two, and getting rid of crowding, among other simple cosmetic issues. If ...

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Ditch Your Dentures Permanently!

Tooth loss changes your life a lot, and definitely not for the better. You know this if you’ve been coping with the loss of one or more teeth, especially if you’re dealing with poor tooth replacement that simply doesn’t get you the function you want. We know how miserable living with dentures can be, which is why we’d love to help you ...

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Thaw Your Smile With Dental Implants

Even though there’s always a touch of Spring in the air here in Honolulu, it doesn’t mean you haven’t let any Winter habits go unchallenged. Although the very idea of Winter is a strange one here – if anything, it just means rain to us – there is still a kind of “frozen mindset” that can creep in when it comes to the health and ...

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Spring (Teeth) Cleaning Just Around The Corner

Winter doesn’t mean a whole lot here in paradise. For us, Winter is just a word other people use to describe weather that never happens here. If anything, Winter is just another name for Summer. When everything is always lush and green, it can be hard to appreciate the concept of a spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is an important ...

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